Friday, June 28, 2013

My First Stanley Cup Experience

So let me just start off by saying I feel like a bandwagon fan. But according to Nick, I'm not. I started to watching hockey back in January (I know, big fan right here). Because I live so close to St. Louis and love love love the Cardinals, I decided I would just be a blues fan. Easy enough, right? Wrong. Then I met Nick. This boy is the biggest Blackhawks fan ever. And the more I watched games with him, the more I started to enjoy the Blackhawks more. At one point he even pointed out to me that I probably couldn't even name 3 players on the Blues but that I could name at least 7 on the Blackhawks and he was right.
Me pre Blackhawks fan

Then the playoffs started. And the Blues were knocked out first round. So we decided to make a bet. I would become a Hawks fan if they went on to win the next round. And they did. So I cheered for them for another round. And they won that round too. Then it was Stanley Cup round. We decided that if they won the entire thing, I would no longer like the Blues at all. Now some of you are probably thinking, why change yourself for a guy? People, its hockey. I started watching in January. It's not like I was this hugeeee fan before him and all of a sudden decided to change because he made me. First, we made a bet and second, I couldn't even tell you anyone on the Blues besides Oshie. Moving on.
I think I was a Blues fan because he was a Hawks fan and it was fun when the Blues won

So game one of the Stanley Cup. Hawks won by one. In three over times. Nick gets stressed watching these games that only go all three regular rounds and let me tell you, if this series was going to be anything like the first game his hair was going to fall out by the end of it. Game two, Bruins won. In the first overtime period. By now, I have started to hate overtimes. Game three, Bruins won again. And this one the Hawks didn't even score. Things were not looking good. The Hawks had to win the next one or it was pretty much over with. Game four, Hawks won. And you guessed it, in overtime. Series was tied two-two. Game five, they won again. Things were looking awesome. 
Then game six. It was in Boston. I was kind of hoping they would lose so that they could win in Chicago because I remember how fun it was for the Cardinals to win the World Series at home. But they were having none of that. They were down 2-1 with like less than 2 minutes remaining. Nick was seriously stressed. I wish I could have captured his stressed outness because now it makes me laugh. Anyways, the Hawks pulled their goalie and scored. Tied game. I thought oh great another stinking overtime. Nick said "no way, there's still a lot of game left."
And he was right. Not even 17 seconds later the Hawks scored again. Granted there was still .58 seconds left but it was a huge relief. When the clock ticked down Nick was the happiest person on the planet. You seriously would have thought he was a five year old who had just seen Santa, no joke.

The game was full of hitting, excitement, stress, blood, and sweat. Thank god I only had to experience two of those things. I was excited because the guys could finally shave those awful beards and I could see what they really looked like. Ps. Kane needs to cut his mullet offfffff. Anyways, I have found my favorite player on the team. I have gotten use to the fact that my two favorite sports teams are from two different cities. I was happy they won because it made Nick happy. And now I can say they won the whole thing because I became a fan. For my first Stanley Cup experience, I'd say it was a pretty awesome one. If you don't watch hockey, I recommend it. Granted you have to wait until November, but the game is worth it. It's fast paced with a lot of aggression and emotion all built into 60 minutes (if you're lucky). 

Pretty sure Shaw was knocked out during the game by getting hit in the face with a puck
And got stitched up and came right back out to play
His front teeth....

My favorite boy on this team right here

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Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Wow. I swear, hockey players are the toughest people on the planet. If I got hit by a hockey puck I would probably take the entire year off.

Sonya said...

Love this! I am of course a Cardinals fan too, but I'm Chicago for everything but baseball thanks to my husband (and St Louis isn't known for their football). I still remember the winning from 2010 with the Hawks. Your boyfriends viewing of the game decribes my husband's viewing of the game as well. When the last yell came after the 2 goals I had to switch over because I didn't know if it was bad or good so I got to see the rest of the game.

I do love hockey. I admit I love it for the fighting, but it's so much fun to watch. I've only seen it live in St. Louis when they play the Hawks because Chicago tickets are ridiculous! The people that don't get hockey and think it's all about fighting make me mad. You can't win the game by having the most fights, but it does make it more fun!

Shesabigstar said...

Well I'm a Bruins girl but congrats to your Blackhawks... it was one heck of a series and those boys are seriously some of the toughest I've ever seen!

Lisa said...

LOVE this post!! As a Devils and Habs Fan I HATE the Booins with a passion.. So I was excited for the hawks to win!! SO Congrats!!!