Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome Savannah from Staying Right!

Hello! I just wanted to introduce you all to my wonderful cousin Savannah. She has recently started a blog called Staying Right and I think every one needs to go check it out. She is an amazing girl and I know you will all love her! Take it away Savannah!

It is so easy to get discouraged with modern day statistics. Growing up and facing reality forces people to start thinking of what they want to do as something they cannot do. This sense of growing up makes people start to shift their thoughts from the possible to the impossible.

What a sucky way to think right?

I choose not to think that way. 
I'm an avid optimist. People have a lifetime to accomplish dreams, how can they think anything is impossible?  Maybe I just have not hit that "growing up" stage yet, but I don't see my mindset changing in the future anytime soon.

In honor of my 19th birthday coming up, here are 19 pieces of life experience I have taken away from these short years:

1. Once you truly humble yourself, you'll be more willing to look at learning new things.

2. The people that laugh at your dreams are discouraged about theirs.

3. Sometimes, you just have to move on and know life gets better.

4. Every bad day can be fixed with good food and a movie.

5. "Hard life now, easy life later. Easy life now, hard life later."-courtesy of my Dad

6. Spend as much time as you can with family and loved ones. Life moves so fast that you don't realize these are the memories you are making for a lifetime.

7. Honor your conscience when making decisions; you don't want to grow up and not like the person you have become.

8. Take care of your body and think about what you are putting into it.

9. Drama and gossip will always be in your life, but it's how you handle it that reflects your strength and sincerity.

10. "Character is what you do when nobody is looking."-courtesy of my Dad again.

11. Think about the country you live in and how big it feels. Now go visit the other 195 countries. Do you feel small yet? Step out of your comfort zone and explore different areas, topics, and cultures.

12. There are one million and one more opinions than yours on every topic imaginable. Study them all.

13. Set higher goals for yourself every year; then, prepare to be shocked and watch yourself accomplish them.

14. Respect yourself and it will not matter if others respect you or not.

15. You are your biggest critic.

16. Work, work hard, work harder, work even harder. Little break. Do all of this without complaining.

17. Remember that nature is the best relief for stress.

18. People's stories that need to be heard the most are the ones the media does not talk about enough.

19. Try new activities as much as possible. Go to new hiking spots, surfing, or make new recipes. These are all qualities and characteristics that can connect you with new people.

Cheers to the final year of being a teenager! Let's see what the rest of my life will bring. I can't wait to see.

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