Saturday, April 13, 2013

Glitter your phone charger

So I keep seeing all these pretty glittered phone chargers on the internet
And because I am a broke college student I can't afford to buy one
So I dug into my 36 different kinds of glitter 
I'm not obsessed or anything
And I picked out a pink one and got to work on my own phone charger
And because you can get them on Amazon for pretty much nothing I wasn't too worried about messing it up

What I did:
I painted on a coat of Mod Podge onto the plastic parts of the charger
Then sprinkled the glitter onto it
I let that dry and then went back and did a second coat of glitter
Let that dry and did a third coat
After that dried I sprayed the Mod Podge sealer onto all of it

Easy as that
It doesn't look as pretty as the ones you can buy
But it does the job!
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MrsMatched said...

I've been thinking of doing this, too, but I was afraid that would mean that I'd have glitter everywhere! Have you noticed it shedding much?

Jess said...

Such a fun idea! Love me some glitter too.

Meghan said...

That is pretty cool!