Friday, April 12, 2013

A Circus Birthday Party and Other Happenings

Last weekend I headed up north with my boyfriend for his cousins birthday party
It was circus themed
And adorable
The decorations were awesome
Unfortuantely I did not get any pictures of them
But take my word for it, the little boy's mom did awesomeeee
 I got my face painted by the nice clown lady

We also went out to watch the Blues/Blackhawks game
Which ended in my favor
Because the Blues won, like they are suppose to do

Also, April 9 was my pups 5th birthday
I cannot believe where the time has gone
I feel like I just got him and he was this little baby
And the lady told me he was only going to be 6 pounds
But she lied
He's like 20 now...
 Digging into his treats that I got him
Doggy donuts with sprinkles
This makes me sad
Can we have the little Tatum back?

 It's student worker appreciation week over here
And this was my lunch for the day
Healthy, I know
 I discovered these gems at the grocery store the other day
Sidenote: I have cooked dinner four times now
Twice this week so far
I HATE grocery shopping
Incase you were wondering
Anyways, I had to buy the Cubs ones (I know, I know) 
But the boyfriend is a Cubs fan....
 This is what he does at work
Sits on a cart and plays games...
 We went bowling and I kicked ass
 He just really enjoys taking pictures with me
 My breakfast today
Again, healthy I know
These. Are. Amazing.
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Meghan said...

That straw-ber-rita looks amazing! I may have to try me one of those!