Monday, April 15, 2013

A weekend filled with laziness

This weekend was pretty much filled with nothing but being lazy
Some homework was thrown into the mix
And a baptism 
But for the most part I was lazyyy
One: Me and the boyfriend at my cousin's baptism
Two: Saturday night me and the boyfriend went with some of my family to dinner and to see 42. It was a great movie and I really think everyone should see it. Even if they do have the Cardinals as being mean in it :(
Three and Four: The ride home from the baptism Ethan decided he wanted to wear my sunglasses. He's hip.
Five: Sunday I did pretty much nothing after the baptism. And I had this ridiculous head ache. So I decided a bath would help. It didn't. Whatever.
 That's how exciting my weekend was.

On another note, it's pretty much spring time here
Kind of.
Last week the temperature ranged from 75 to 45. 
Illinois pms's a lot
So in honor of spring time being here (for good hopefully)
Here are some outfits I would like to have in my closet
Preferably soon

Why can't this happen to me?

On a more serious note:
Please send out prayers for everyone involved in the Boston Marathon explosions.
This is awful
And I wish so badly that there was something I could do.
But I know just praying for them will help out.
So please join me in prayer.
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Meghan said...

Praying for Boston as well! & those outfits look cute & chic!