Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The adventures of cleaning out my car

So yesterday I decided to clean out my car
For the first time since the beginning of January
And if you know me, you know this is not good
Because I had soooo much trash and sooo many clothes in my car it was crazy
The guy who fixes my car always asks "how many people live in here"
That's how bad it is
Not actually my car .. FYI

Anyways, while cleaning out my car everything started off fine
So I got a couple dollars from my dad to go up town to vacuum it out
And that's when the fun started
First the sky was looking pretty dark while cleaning it out
But I ignored it
So while I was vacuuming the sky decided to start crying
Out of pure happiness that I was cleaning out my car, I'm sure
But I was not happy

And then these two little boys
Probably around 10 or 11
Decided they were going to ride their bikes around me
In circles
The entire 15 minutes it took me to vacuum out my car
-_- <---the face I gave them

Anddd then!
They started yelling things as they went by
And kept scaring me
But I tried to ignore them
And by doing that I hit my head
On the corner of my car door

This is why I don't clean out my car
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Meghan said...

Ugh! Sounds like cleaning out your car was traumatic!