Thursday, April 25, 2013

This might be TMI

But I'm going to write it anyways
Because this is my little place on the world wide web
And I feel like talking about this problem
Every girl has it
So what's the big deal right?
Can I just point out that I don't get why we have to have these
Like thank you for killing me for being responsible and NOT getting pregnant
 And that little box above?
Yeah some say it's heaven for cramps
But wrong, it does nothing
At least not for me
Instead I lay around complaining like a big baby because my cramps kill me
Seriously though
My cramps start two days before and last the entire time
And yes, I am a big baby
So yes, I may be exaggerating 
Or they might not be as bad as I think
But they are the WORST
I dread this time of the month
I can't even begin to tell you how dreaded this time of the month is
Because yes, I am a big baby
And do not even get me started on food
I pig out like the week before
I eat everything in sight
The other night I sat and watched 27 Dresses
And ate a big bowl of cereal
A big bowl of ice cream
Some brownies
And some popcorn
In less than 2 hours
 This is how I feel right now
Can't even move
I just want to be in bed
And everything bugs me
Or upsets me 
Or pisses me off
Like everything
Some girl looks at me and I'm like "um did she really just look at me like that"
My boss asks me to do my job and I'm like "um I'm on Pinterest right now back off"
(Not really)
I have a paper due in my English class and I'm like "um not writing it, I want to curl up in bed and eat reeses"
But really, everything pisses me off
And this is what reallyyyyy pisses me off
When a guy says "cramps aren't that bad"
Let's see you go through this once a month for four days at a time
You couldn't so just be nice and bring me flowers and chocolate and maybe go out and get some tampons too
 So there you have it
My feelings today
Thank you and goodnight
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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I had the WORST cramps this morning at work... I was doubled over and couldn't do anything until my Aleve finally kicked in almost an hour later *oy*

Hope you feel better soon :)

Ashley Migneault said...

Awesome post! It's always so refreshing to see a blogger talk about something that most shy away from, love it!