Thursday, March 29, 2012

I crafted my own smoothie! :)

So I know I said I was going to start making food and sharing the recipes on here. Well I didn't necessarily make real food but I did make a smoothie! I found a recipe for it on the internet but then added more and changed the amount of stuff I put into it. It is super yummy and my boyfriend agrees with me which is hard to get him to do ;-).

¾ cup water
2 green tea bags
1/3-cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries
A whole banana
6 ounces low fat vanilla yogurt - I used Wal-Mart great value yogurt they come in 6 ounce packets
2 tablespoons flax seeds

The night before you want to make the green tea. I just warm up some water in the microwave and then let the tea bags sit in the water for awhile then I just let it sit in the fridge over night. I also put all of the fruit in a baggy and freeze it over night. The next morning I combine all of the ingredients in the blender and blend! This makes about two servings unless you are really hungry, then only one :) Enjoy!

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