Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally checking one off of my list

#12. Start an actual blog ... check. Yay!

I am always reading other peoples blogs and wishing I had the creative mind set that they do. So I have finally decided that it is time to start a blog. Ok yes, I do have another one somewhere out in cyberspace but I did that one in high school and I honestly do not even remember my password. I also thought that starting over from scratch would be a grand idea. We shall see how far I get with this one. Maybe if I set a reminder on my phone for every day to write a blog post it will keep me motivated

My inspiration for this is the fact that I am a college student on a college student budget with little/no creativity. I wish I could cook as well as the pictures on Pinterest look or make crafts as well as they look on Pinterest. I have started this blog to track my journey in trying all of those creations.

My boyfriend (who I just love oh so much ;-)) has also informed me everyday for the past year and a half that I need a hobby. He only says this because he has so many (hunting, fishing, riding his fourwheeler, working on his wheeler, etc.). He also says I need an expensive one since his require some money all the time. So maybe crafting/cooking will be mine. Although I will be doing the crafting/cooking on a budget and I will be letting all of you know how I do it for little or no money (ha! no money, yeah right). 

Along with showing what I craft or cook I will also be adding in some of my few adventures that I take while being in college. Although they are few and far between I feel as if most of them are worth sharing. So thank you for taking the time to read them! 

I am glad you are going to take this journey with me. Enjoy! :)

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