Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cookout! .. well kind of

So last night my friends and I all had a cook out. Kind of. It was mainly the boys outside in the garage since it was pouring rain cooking the food and the girls inside in the nice warm house waiting for the food to be made. :) We are so nice, I know.

Anyways, I made this sauce called Comeback Sauce. It was not the hit I thought it would be although a few people did "sort of" like it but it did not keep the "coming back" for more. I heard a few times that it was to tomatoey which I agree it kind of was. So maybe if I choose to make it again I'll cut back on the ketchup.

We had so much food though that this sauce really didn't matter. We had hamburgers, brats, shrimp kabobs, salad, chips, cookies, mini angel food cakes, and wings. I am sure there was more I just cannot think of it right now. Thank you to my friends parents for getting all the food for us and to two of my friends for bringing the salad and the cookies/mini angel food cakes! I'd say last night was a hit even if it rained all day and all night.

A lot of my friends and I have started playing the new game from OMGpop Draw Something. If you have not played it get it! You can have it on the Android phones or the iPhone. It is wonderful. Anyways, while we were literally all sitting around the dinning room table playing each other on draw something my friend without a smart phone suggests we play pictionary in real life. One friend says "whats that?" so she replied "draw something" to which he then agreed to play. Oh technology... We had it split up into boys versus girls and each team won once.

After that we watched the movie 50/50 which I do recommend. I love Seth Rogan I think he is just so funny. It's a movie about Seth Rogan's friend who has cancer but it is not a sad depressing movie. It is actually a funny up lifting movie. I mean yes some moments are sad but most of the movie is funny and light hearted.

That is all for right now. I have no plans today which is nice so maybe I will think of things to blog about while I am laying around ;-). Or I could clean or do homework. No I don't think so. Have a great day!

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