Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too many things for one title

It's Monday!
I mean Tuesday!
But it sure as hell feels like a Monday.
At least it's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday and not a Monday that feels like a Monday.
Do you get what I'm saying?

Anyways, first things first.
Today is the first Tuesday of the month which means it's Blogstar Day over at Mrs. Monologues!

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Mrs. Monologues

Second on the agenda today is my weekend in review brought to you by Instagram.
Sorry if you follow me on there, because that means you have already seen all of these.
But you can enjoy them again!
1. One of my new favorite songs .. go listen to it!
2. Ethan eating pudding off a beater .. after he had already licked whipped cream from the lid .. the kid was on a sugar highhhh
3. I switched to google chrome this weekend and so far it is better than safari.
4. He's going to kill me for this but whatev ...

 1. That is what happens when you try and find something to wear and hate everything you put on...
2. Putting away my suits for the last time this summer ... I love fall but I love swimming .. I'm torn
1. Watching the stripper contest at Wild Country .. don't even ask...
2. I went shopping in my Grandma's closet for some boots ... girlfriend is broke right now and can't afford the black sparkly ones I want

The pic on the left is how I look going to school.
The pic on the right is how I look going out.
Two totes different people.
I decided I was going to match some people Saturday night

I tried making a colorful cake.
It turned out brown on the top, bottom and sides.
It got thrown away....

I would say I had a pretty kickass labor day weekend.
And I hope you can say the same about yours!
Now I am looking forward to this weekend when I get my next tattoo! 

Last on the list of things to talk about today is that you need to head on over here and like my page!
That would be lovely!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Did you do anything exciting?!


Tiffanie A said...

umm.... Your grandma has style! I love those shoes!

Becca said...

Thanks, I know! I was just glad I fit into them!

Sar said...

Is that your boyfriend painting your fingernails?! LOVE it! So sweet!

Lovely to meet you!

Becca said...

Oh haha no that's one of my friends painting my sisters nails just for the heck of it!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Hi there blog star! I totally thought it was monday several times today. I LOVE your glasses and did you try putting frosting on the cake? That would have covered up the brown and made it taste extra yummy :) We didn't really get to do anything fun this weekend, but we did make lots of progress on our basement project!

Becca said...

I was going to try to put frosting on it but when I saw it burnt I just gave up! Haha! And that's awesome you made a lot of progress on your basement!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

Found you n blog star! that's sad about the cake! :)