Monday, September 10, 2012

What does coffee, tattoos, and GTL have in common?

Let me just tell you something.
I hate that the weekend is over.
Every Monday I have this overwhelming feeling of hatred toward the week.
Like someone needs to come up with a better system for the weekend.
Maybe like a 4 day weekend and a 3 day work/school week.
Sounds pretty legit to me.

Anyhow, here is what coffee, tattoos, and GTL all have in common.
They all took place throughout my weekend.
Well GTL didn't really happen ... because I'm no Jshore freak.
Sorry I'm not sorry.
From left and then around...
Alright so this was technically Thursday but whatevs .. that's Nikki .. she dresses up for work .. I however, do not because well .. they require me to be there to dang early. 11 a.m. like who does that?
Next we have my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte ... and people trust me on this .. go out and try one
Third we have my homework ... it got done .. just not when I started it .. actually 24 hours later
And that my friends is a week old bruise .. that looks sort of like a boob ... whatever
And now for the highlight of my weekend.... my newest addition to my body's family
I mean it hurt, whatever, but I didn't cry ... because I am a beast when it comes to getting these suckers
I may or may not have put permanent nail marks into the chair though .. but only because I didn't want to look like a completely awesome person
And there is the GTL .. on someone's bumper ... what is this world coming to?
This fake Will Ferrel twitter account cracks me up ... and that my friends is how I am currently feeling
I made a pizza tonight and it was way good ... I should have been a chef
And this is the funniest part of my weekend because well ... do I have to explain?

And now for the saddest part of my weekend....
We all mourn the loss of this mans bachlorhood ... 
At least we still have these pictures
Blake you are one lucky lady

Peace, love, and tattoos!

**Side note: I just had to go and edit out about 7 cuss words from this post ... you're welcome

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Anonymous said...

That is a great tattoo you have done and so brave! My husband is a baby about getting work done on his ribs, but soon he will have no choice!

Anni said...

Hey there!

Stopping by from the GFC blog hop today :)

I´m a new follower!

Smooches from Germany and have a nice day!
Anni // Grapefruitprincess ReLoaded

Kasey said...

found your blog through the blog hop and sooo excited that I did!! :D I am following you on twitter now too! please come check out my blog and follow along as well :):)

menopausal mama said...

Pumpkin spiced latte--the BEST!!! newest follower from the GFC blog hop. Would LOVE it if you could visit m humorous blog site an follow me back! Thanks for sharing!