Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK...

Hello and happy Thursday!
You know what that means ... tomorrow is the weekend!
I'm pretty sure the only thing that gets me through the week is the fact that it is followed by a weekend.
I still think my 3 day week/4 day weekend idea is a better one than a 5 day week/2 day weekend.
I think I've used this picture before
But I quite enjoy it
Therefore, you should too.

Onwards to It's OK Thursday
I am linking up again here.
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

That I should once again be doing my homework right now instead of this post

That I can barely open my eyes today from being out way to late last night
Pictures from last night in case you were wondering...

That I am super excited for my friend Nick that his birthday is now single digit numbers away

That I probably won't be able to sleep tonight because I am so excited for my road trip to Ohio tomorrow

That I ate Mexican three times in five days for lunch/supper

To be overly excited for this fall weather

To admit when you are wrong ... although, I'm never wrong

That I have a perfectly good working camera but still choose to just use my phone

That I was thissss close to taking my little sisters upgrade to get the new iPhone

To be upset over the fact that only younger guys come into the office I work at

That I am leaving you with this story
 I guess I had a head light out last night
And two different times within about an hour of each other in two different towns two different cops thought it was a good idea to tell me
Yeah, I know they are doing their job, whatev, but I was just telling people Tuesday how it's been awhile since I've been pulled over
And then this happens.
No tickets for me though because I'm the
And I don't pull that crying nonsense that others do
I talk to them like a man
In a deep voice
Kidding .... but I don't cry
Anddd for the rest of the night I just blinded people with my brights
Also kidding because my headlights need a serious cleaning so my brights look like my dims
Happy Thursday!
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Julia Miller said...

Love me some Mexican food. I have family in Ohio, in Hamilton. Ever heard of it? Stopping by from the it's ok link up :)

Stephanie said...

I love that you don't cry and handled it like a boss ;) Sometimes I wonder if crying really does work though!

Rachel! said...

Awww! I liked reading this! :) i had fun lastnight! & im mad im not going to Ohio with you! :/ We will be hanging out asap when you get home! :) <3

Sonya said...

I could really go for 3 day weekends all them time. At one time there were school districts looking into that schedule because of the money it could potentially save them. I think it just makes sense;)