Thursday, June 5, 2014


Last week I let Luke take over the blog for the day so he could tell you all about his adventure with his crate. He informed you that we had decided to stop putting him in his crate and just let him have the run of the house while we were gone. And he was doing so well at being a good boy while we went to work. However, that quickly changed and on Thursday last week we came home to our first little piece of destruction. And this is where the story begins.
The boy doesn't even show any remorse.

Thursday night after Nick's softball game we walked in the house to notice a little tag laying on the ground. When I realized it was a tag to a hat I knew I had nothing to worry about. However, I knew Luke should be worried because Nick is pretty attached to his hats. Which, by the way, he should not be leaving where Luke can reach and I've been telling him he needs a place other than the kitchen chairs and tables to put them. I digress. Once Nick realized it wasn't one of his hats he has to wear for softball he wasn't as mad. And when I saw what hat it was, I wasn't mad at all. I actually laughed. I mean I obviously didn't tell Luke to do this, but had I had a choice in which hat he ate, the Cubs one would have been my first. So we cleaned up that mess and really thought nothing of it. It was just a hat, and it's not like he had destroyed anything else.

Then, on Tuesday this week, I came home after work and decided to take a nap. Luke laid down with me so I left the bedroom door open. I figured he wouldn't wake up until I did so I didn't think I had anything to worry about. And then karma for laughing at Nick's destroyed hat bit me in the ass. A little over an hour later I woke up and Luke wasn't in bed with me but I could hear him chewing on something rubber downstairs. I just assumed it was his ball so I closed my eyes. A few minutes later he came up with said "ball" and began chewing on it on the bed. When I opened my eyes I quickly realized it wasn't his ball but my sparkly pink Sperry instead. Instant panic set in because those are like my favorite shoes. And then more panic set in when I realized that pieces were missing and I had thought he had swallowed them. So I got up and went downstairs to find pieces of Sperry all over behind the couch. I was mad, but I can't stay mad at him for long so it quickly went away. Oh well, right? It could have been something else and at least it was my shoe and not one of Nicks. While at work I got a picture from Nick of Luke that made any sense of anger I had at Luke go away because he knows exactly what to do to make us forgive him instantly. 

Then yesterday Nick got home from work before me and I received a nice little text message containing some not so nice words so I'll just paraphrase it for you. "He pooped and ate it and also ate your other Sperry." Oh, awesome. He never poops in the house. So that's cool. I was just glad it wasn't me coming home first so I didn't have to clean anything up. A few minutes later I received the picture of my last remaining Sperry.
The inside of that is suppose to have a brown sole by the way. I asked Nick if Luke had left little pieces all over again and Nick let me know that, no he had not left any trace of evidence behind. Well, besides the shoe that obviously wouldn't fit down his throat or I'm sure he would have eaten that too. While I was on my way home from class later that day I got another nice little text from Nick, which I will paraphrase again for you. "He just puked up poop and Sperry." At this point I couldn't help but laugh because Nick hates cleaning up any bodily fluid that comes out of Luke and now he was having to clean up puked up poop and shoe. When I got home I could tell Luke had an upset belly because he just kept laying around the house. A little while later, Nick and I decided to go get some dinner, thinking Luke would just sleep while we were gone. But we were wrong again. As soon as we stepped in the door the overwhelming smell of poop made me want to throw up. Luke had pooped by the door, on the hardwood this time thank god, and had eaten it again. I'm pretty sure by this point Nick was ready to just let him out the door and run free. Thankfully for Luke, I would never let that happen. And Nick wouldn't actually do it. So this time it was me cleaning up his poop and wanting to throw up. After cleaning it up with soapy water, vacuuming the entire living room, and then mopping the hardwood, it stopped smelling like poop in my house. 

He was left out on his own again today while Nick and I are at work. Nick gets to get home to him first, so we will see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't do anything because I really don't want to put him in a crate again. So hopefully tomorrow I don't have any updates on something else he has destroyed or pooped on. Oh the joys of having a puppy.
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