Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm Actually 80

Today is Monday. Again. I act like I'm surprised that it's back, like I don't know when it's coming or something. However, so far this Monday has been 32432432 times better than last Monday so I guess I can't complain. Except that I'm about to fall asleep while typing this and I still have a three hour class to attend. On ethics in the media. Which really means I'm being taught by a philosophy teacher who loves Kant and Mill but has no idea who Kate Middleton or Justin Bieber are. So in other words I'm learning nothing about ethics in the media, which would actually be interesting. 

While I was sitting here trying to come up with the most fantastic idea for a post ever, I found myself really just wanting to go home and go back to bed. Because Luke decided to get up at 3:30 and go outside. Twice. And the second time we were out walking around some kids walked by and said "Hey sexy". Yeah, that happened. So while I was thinking about just crawling up under my desk and going to sleep, I decided to tell you why I'm actually an 80 year-old woman, not a 22 year-old college senior.

-If it were up to me you would find me cuddled up with Luke watching Gossip Girl reruns on any given Friday or Saturday. So maybe an 80 year-old wouldn't watch Gossip Girl but like an 80 year-old, I would rather stay in and cuddle instead of going out. Lame.

We wouldn't be watching Sports Center or whatever that show is though.

-My bedtime is seriously between 10:00 and 10:30 every night. It doesn't matter what night it is, once 10:00 rolls around my body starts to shut down. And if I have to stay up any later than that you can guarantee that I'm one super crabby person.

-I forget everything. I forget my assignments in class, I forget assignments at work, I forget what Nick told me ten minutes ago. He thinks I just don't listen to him, but I just forget anything and everything. I had to write this post idea in my notes on my phone so that when I got back to work in 10 minutes I wouldn't have forgotten it. Serious.

-Walking up the stairs makes me tired. This may be more because I'm out of shape and really need to start working out, but I can't walk up the stairs without getting super tired.

-If we do go out with friends I'll have one drink, maybe two, and that's it. Because I'll start to feel it after one and if I venture into drinking two I'll feel it the next morning too. Seriously, what 22 year-old can't handle just two drinks. Me, that's who.
One and I'm done.

-I'm a crazy dog lady. Sometimes I like to think I would have a million dogs if I could but then I think how do you split your time and attention between multiple dogs when I feel like Luke requires all of my attention at all times. But really, I prefer to hang out with my dog more than people. Which, when I think about it, isn't really a problem.

-If I could, I would take a nap, or 4, every day. I use to do this in high school but then school and work got in the way and summer break got taken away from me so it doesn't get to happen. I just get to day dream about it every day all day.

-I have to have my coffee and toast every morning. And sometimes cereal. Coca-puffs, so maybe I'm like 5 and 80 and 22 all at the same time. Who knows. But if I don't have my coffee and something to eat with it I can't start my day.

So after writing all of those I just realized I'm extremely lame. But I wouldn't want to be any other way. I like going to bed early and getting a bunch of sleep. I also really enjoy not being hungover any more. And my favorite thing to do is hang out with Luke, even if he does drive me insane 3/4 of the time.

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haha. I couldn't help but laugh at this post!