Friday, June 6, 2014

Girls Dinner

It is seriously so hard to get me and my girlfriends together, even if it's just for an hour. So when we plan dinner together I get super excited, since I live with Nick and he can only take so much celebrity gossip and girl talk. Every time we get together for dinner we usually go to a Mexican restaurant because margaritas, duh. But last night we chose a cute little Italian restaurant that's only been in our area for about a year now. I've been there before and I really liked it so I obviously said yes when Chelsea suggested we go. 
I got the third picture which was shrimp, oysters, and shrimp broth over spaghetti. It was amazing. I wish I could have stopped in the middle so I had a lot of left over for today, but I have no self-control so that didn't happen. My friend Amanda had the meatballs, and yes, that's Nikki in the background comparing the meatballs to her boobs. Can you already see why I need girl time and not just "sit on the couch and watch Sports Center guy time"? Chelsea got the cannelloni and Nikki got something that I can't remember the name of and also didn't get a picture of because she was across the table from me and I'm lazy. 

I, for once, am glad I don't like wine. I'll let you all take a moment to gasp and contemplate ever reading this here blog of mine again. But I've never been able to get my taste buds to be bffs with wine. Maybe one day. However, last night I was glad I'm not a wine drinker because they order a bottle of wine to split between the three of them and didn't realize how much it was until the bill came.

We were able to catch up on all of our relationship gossip between the four of us, Chelsea and I were able to catch up on all the wedding updates given to us by both brides to be, Nikki and Amanda, and we were also able to catch up on all other gossip in our lives. It sucks that we don't all live close together anymore, since Nikki and Amanda decided to move from where I'm living now to my hometown, which we never would have thought would ever happen. Jerks. I'm already looking forward to getting together with them again. Even if it's just for a few hours, it's nice to get away and just be with my friends. Not that I don't enjoy every second I spend with Nick and Luke, but sometimes I need someone who is actually interested in the nonsense I'm talking about rather than just acting interested.

Update on yesterdays post: When I got home Luke had destroyed both of my tennis shoes. So that's cool.
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