Monday, June 23, 2014

How It Would Go

Friday was bring your dog to work day. Which is probably the best day besides my birthday. However, with a dog like Luke, there's no way bring your dog to work day was going to work out for me. And the fact that my work doesn't celebrate such a day probably would have led to me getting in a little bit of trouble for bringing him, but that's neither here nor there.

But it's always fun to imagine what it would have been like had I brought him with me.

Our day would have started out just like it does any other day. Luke would wake me up 10 minutes after Nick leaves for work by whining at me and jumping around on the bed.
We would go for a walk (okay, we've only done that a handful of times so far, but lets just pretend it would have happened). Then we would come in and he would go to town on some water and then lay in the bathroom while I showered. While I'm getting ready he would eat his breakfast and then come upstairs and watch me get ready, just like every other morning.
After we were all ready to go, Luke would go crazy because he's about to go for a car ride. He would run around my car like a maniac for a few minutes and then finally jump inside. While driving he would look at me with the biggest smile on his face. I would think it's because he's really excited to be spending the day learning what Mom does at work every day but really it would probably be because he gets to stick his head out the window.
We would finally pull up to work an he would jump out while pulling me along with him because he's just so excited to go to new places. However, once we actually would get into the office this is where all of the fun would begin. He would bark his head off at all of the new people he's meeting until he finally realizes that they are all some super awesome people. Because I sit at a desk all day, he would get antsy and probably end up running around the entire office. Oh, and because we're a marketing office with 24235432 different computers and whatnot, he would probably destroy a few of those as well. After sniffing and searching through everything all morning and making new friends, he would probably come lay down by my feet. That is until someone moved or made even the slightest little noise. Then it would be up and at it again for him, because he has to inspect everything and make sure everything is alright.

By this time I'm sure I would be ready to pull my hair out and want to take him home. But if we're getting technical and talking about what I actually do on Fridays, I wouldn't be able to leave because I have class at 2. So we would have lunch, well I would have lunch and Luke would just sit there trying to steal my food, and then it would be more sitting. If I'm being real though, I wouldn't be sitting at all. I would be chasing him around the office like a mad man the entire time. And I'm not exaggerating. It would be the entire time. He has ADD or something.

Finally it would be time to go to class, where he would meet more new people, bark at them, and then probably try to help the teacher lecture. He's a really good helper. At least he likes to think so. He also likes to think I need help with everything, from going to the bathroom to doing the dishes. So he would probably run around the classroom, maybe eat a few of papers, and then sit and whine at me to take him outside 4231432 different times.

And this is how the day would end, because he would be so worn out from not taking a nap at all that he would probably pass out the second we got home. He enjoys sleeping all day and then being awake all night, so maybe I should risk getting him in trouble by bringing him to work with me so we can all actually get some sleep for once.
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