Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Ask Me To Be On Your Team

Because I am the worst at trivia. No lie. Like I think I tried to answer a total of three questions. And got a total of three questions wrong. More on that later.

Friday, Luke got fixed. Um can we pause to talk about how heart breaking it is to leave your pet at the vet? He sat at the glass door and wouldn't move, even with the nurse trying to get him to budge. He just sat and watched Nick and I walk away. I. Felt. Horrible. And then later that day when I went to get him the nurse tried to get him out of the crate he was in and I could hear him barking at her. So she came out and asked me to go get him and as soon as I walked in the room he started barking at me and backing away. Obviously he was just saying "Mom, I'm mad at you for leaving me". But after about 15 seconds of that he got over it and just wanted me to get him out of that place. Then we spent the rest of the day like this..
Then Saturday morning I had to work a birthday party at pottery. Picture this. 12 four year olds. In a pottery place. For a birthday party. We normally give every birthday party a cookie cake and juice pouches. But then this mom brought it 1325153 little mini cupcakes. And ice cream cups that you had to eat with a sucker. Now me being the 5 year old I actually am, was super jealous of these tiny tots for the ice cream that they were able to eat. So you can imagine my delight when the mom offered me one of these bad boys.
Saturday night me and Nick and some of our friends went to one of our friend's softball trivia night. 
We were rooks the first trivia night we went to when it came to the food spread we had. Nick and I didn't bring any food, just alcohol, which sometimes is more important than the food. But anyways, we only had two dips and a few things of crackers at our table. But not this time. This time I made a dip and brought three things of cookies. The other people at our table brought pizzas, dips, crackers, bacon wrapped weenies, salami wrapped pickles, and plenty of chips. According to one of my friends "we were just there to eat and get drunk, and maybe answer a few questions right". Which is exactly what we did.
This dip is awesome. I can't take any credit because Nick taught me how to make it. I'll hopefully be making it again soon so I can take better pictures and put up a recipe for you. This dip was gone before we left that night. One of our friends even pulled the "I don't think you should eat this, let me set it over here by me".
And then from round one all the way through round nine we were in second to last place. Only ahead of the bartender who was doing it by herself just for fun. So that's cool. In the last round we pulled ahead of a few losers and came in 6th place I believe. Out of like 11 or 12. Better than last I suppose.
So the moral of this story is to not ask me to be on your trivia team. However, I was able to trick some of my friends in to being on my own team for Nick's softball team's trivia night coming up in about a month. Little do they know that they better be super knowledgeable about that kind of stuff or we will end up in dead last. Although, I don't think they would mind either because all they were worried about when I asked them was what type of food/alcohol should be brought. We have our priorities straight, obviously. 

And then I ended my weekend like this, which is probably the best way to end a weekend in all the ways you can end a weekend. I can't wait until he's 90 pounds and trying to do this.

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