Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flashback Saturday?

So there's Transformation Tuesday. Throwback Thursday. Flashback Friday. But is there something for Saturday? Snapback Saturday. That makes it sound like I'm wearing one of those hats..which is awful when girls wear them, in my opinion. So while I think about a name for Saturday's old pictures I'm going to show you some old ones of my own.

In a week I will be attending Mardi Gras in St. Louis for the second year in a row. Last year was the first year for me. Last years Mardi Gras was also the day I met Nick. No, we did not meet AT Mardi Gras, we met at our friends house that morning. However, the reason we were all together was to go to Mardi Gras. My friend just invited Nick and another one of their friends to go just because, it wasn't to hook us up or anything. But somehow it just happened. And now, conveniently, this year Mardi Gras falls on our one year anniversary. So we will be spending our one year anniversary at the place that brought us together. Sweet some may say, however, I would sort of rather be spending it at home watching movies, but I'm not complaining. It will be a day to spend with friends and large crowds and hopefully (modestly) get some beads. 

Side story: Last year I saw one boob. Not two. One. By this woman who was probably in her 50's and hanging over the side of the railing that was between us and the street where the parade was taking place. Let me tell you, sister reallyyyyy wanted those beads. I could have done without the spectacular that was this woman, but to each their own. I'm pretty sure at one point she even told one of the guys walking in the parade "Look at how long my tongue is!" while she was sticking out her disgustingly long tongue. Oh and "I'll let you touch my boobs if you give me some beads!" Hopefully I don't see that lady this year, even though she wouldn't remember me at all.

 We had no idea who these guys were. Just some friendly strangers wanting to join our picture.
I didn't even really know Nick when this picture was taken. But there we are, standing right next to each other. Okay, so maybe I snuck my way to stand right next to him because I thought he was cute and wanted to be pictured by him, but don't tell him that.

We seriously woke up at like 7:00 am to go to this thing. And had been out all night the night before. I had to drag my friend Stephanie out the night before because she just wanted to sleep before we went that day. Now I feel like it would be the other way around. I totally plan on being in bed by like nine the night before this year so I can be ready to go that morning.

We only stayed until about 2 that day and I was ready to get home. I was the sober driver so that made it even more fun.

However, this year we have a friend who lives right around that area and so we will be able to go hang out there and sober up relax from being in the huge crowd all day. Last year it was pretty chilly so I'm hoping this year the weather is a little nicer. 

I've heard that the St. Louis Mardi Gras compares to New Orleans. However, I really highly doubt that because like I said, I saw one boob. And I feel like that's all you would see down there. But I've never been so who knows.

And I haven't thought of a Saturday term for old pictures so if anyone has any ideas shoot them at me and I'll probably just make that a hashtag and it'll totally catch on with the millions of users on Instagram and then I'll be social media famous.

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