Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You single mama?

Friday started off as any other day. Luke was up at his usual 7:00 am. I'm still shocked that 7:00 am actually exist. I had planned on going in to work for a few hours that morning and then taking Luke to his vet appointment where my parents live (about 45 minutes away). However, that morning I was changing out fish's water and when I went to put him in his temporary bowl, he fell into the garbage disposal. Instant tears started coming out of my face. I just looked at Nick like what do I do? So he looked in there and didn't see anything so we assumed he had swam down the drain. However, I wanted to be absolutely sure so I stuck my hand in there and sure enough he was still in there. I screamed and pulled my hand out, Luke started barking, and I think Nick was just in pure shock. So Nick reached his hand down there and got Chip out and all was well. So I decided not to go to work because obviously this was a very traumatic experience for me and I couldn't handle it. So Luke and I packed up and started to head to my parents. 45 minutes away, remember? However, Luke decided he was going to be car sick for the first time since we got him and started drooling buckets of drool and puked every where in my car. Instant panic set in and I took him to the vet 2.5 hours early because I was so scared. The vet probably thought I was insane because he was just car sick but I was so worried. By the time we got back to my parents and he had played a little he was worn out. He slept pretty much from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am the next morning.

And in the middle of all that my dad, who is a rural mail carrier, got stuck out in the country. Apparently this trait runs in the family since now I have been stuck twice, my mom has been stuck, and my dad has gotten stuck. So I went out to help him and see if he could push while I drove but that didn't work and we had to wait for someone who I went to high school with to come help.
Okay so that was Friday. Saturday was thankfully just a relaxing day at home after I worked for awhile that morning. Luke and I really just sat around and watched the Olympics all day. And then Nick and I went to get him some new toys and new clothes from the pet store. I put his little coat on him yesterday and it's too small already. Sighhhh

Sunday was the coldest day of my life. Nick had a Snowball Softball tournament outside at Forest Park and let me tell you, I didn't know I could get that cold. BUT! The highlight of my weekend right here ladies and gents... During the tournament Lauren, Marissa and I went to a gas station to warm up a little bit. And while Marissa and I were in there she went to the bathroom and a nice young fellow happened to walk in. He takes one look at me and this is how our conversation went: NYF (Nice young fellow) "You single mama?" Me: "Huh?" NYF "You single mama?" Me: "Uh no" NYF "Oh good, a nice young lady like you shouldn't be." Then to the cashier NYF "Don't you think man?" Cashier "Uhhhh" And then I walked away. So there's that...

I am so so proud of Luke because while we were gone all day he didn't potty in his crate one time. He was one wild monster though when we got home. Him and Nick decided at 9:40 that it was a really good idea to start playing like wild maniacs. However, I didn't even mind because I adore both of them so much.
And Luke started a new thing that night. When it's time for bed he has decided that the top of my pillow or right on top of my face is the only place he will sleep. No joke, I moved him probably five times last night only to wake up in the middle of the night with him right on top of me. He's seriously attached to me. If I go to take a shower he whines at the door the entire time but if Nick takes a shower or leaves the room he could care less. Don't get me wrong, he loves Nick more than anything, but he's just super protective of me or something. He doesn't leave my side. And I love it. Most of the time...

So that was my weekend. Oh and yesterday I decided to go home early from class because I needed to go see my Grandma. On my way out of campus I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. Then when Luke and I were on my way to see my Grandma he decided to pee on my front seat. And while at the old people home he was a perfect angel. For some reason (not that I'm complaining) he is so perfect when we're out but at home he's like a little baby t-rex or something. 

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