Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Favorite Blogging Apps

I am so unbelievably addicted to my phone and everything that comes along with it that I couldn't imagine life without at. How sad is that? Seriously though, how convenient is it to have everything I need at my finger tips? So today I'm going to share with you some of a lot of my favorite apps.

ABM: A Beautiful Mess. This is a photography app that allows you to put your pictures in collages, add different effects, change the color of the photo, and add texts and cute little symbols on to your picture. This app is .99, however, I think it's worth it.

Bloglovin: For obvious reasons. But I Love that I am able to have all of my favorite blogs right in one spot on my phone. So many times I find myself sitting somewhere super bored without my computer and this allows me to just open the app and start reading all of the wonderful blogs that I follow.

Bitly: Bitly is a great app for putting a link on Twitter or something where you only have so many characters to say what you want to say. If you get a Bitly account you can put your link in and it gives you back a super short link, allowing you more characters on Twitter to say what you need to say. Another great aspect of Bitly is that it tells you how many clicks your link has gotten, which is always nice.

JustunFollow: This app allows you to connect to your Twitter and Instagram accounts and tells you multiple things. It tells you who follows you that you don't follow back. It tells you who you follow that doesn't follow you back. And it tells you who has followed and unfollower you in the last week. #creeperstatus #ohwell

Pages+: This is the Facebook Pages app. I didn't start using it until recently, but I am trying to post more to my Facebook page and with this app it makes it a lot easier. You can also see some of the insights that you can on the computer with this app. And you can link multiple pages to the app as well.

PicLab: This app is sort of like ABM. It also allows you to add those little circles you see on pictures, borders, filters, textures, and patterns. It allows you to have text on your pictures too.

PS Express: I just solely use this app to "enhance" my pictures. Almost every picture I post has been improved by this app. There are also multiple other things you can do on this app, obviously. I mean it is the Photoshop app.

There are other app groups that I love using, but I will leave that for another post.
What are some of your favorite apps for blogging?
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