Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just Sitting Here Dreading School...

Tomorrow is the last day in July. I don't know if you realize how depressed this makes me. This means only two and a half weeks until school starts. Yes, this is my senior year. And yes this is the last time I will be dreading starting school but still that doesn't make it any less sad. Also, yes I have been in classes all summer. But it was only two. And they were online. So they didn't even count. Remember those days when we were little and excited to go to school? Yeah, me either. Joking. There was probably a time or two I was excited but I think that excitement left the building in about 4th grade when I realized I would rather be napping than sitting there learning about things I don't even remember learning.

Yepp. So let's just take a stroll down memory lane. Without pictures of me from when I was young because well, I'm at work and don't have any sooo yeah. But here's everything that reminds me of those times where I just wished I was an adult making money. That's still now, but at least I'm only 9 months away from it and not 21 years away.

These were the days. No real worries, no real homework. Just writing your name 1564561378612 times in cursive that you'll never do again but whatever.

Recess was like the best part of the day. Unless it was hot. Or cold. Then all I wanted to do was sit inside and color. We use to chase the boys around the playground until they got so sick of it they just gave in to us. One time in first grade me and a few of my friends "married" this one boy. Yepp, all four of us. Totally legit too. Until we decided we liked other boys too. Then we married them. I think this went on for a few years. I probably have at least 7 husbands, and those husbands probably have at least 12 wives. But whatev. We also use to bring our boombox and play it outside. And sing to it. And dance. Like we were the Spice Girls. Not lieing, this use to happen. Even in the classroom. Yes, the teacher use to let me and my friends perform in front of the students. This makes me embarrassed even typing it. Why are little kids so weird?
Getting my school supply list was probably the best part of August. I would make my mom go to Wal-Mart the day those things came out and make me buy all the coolest stuff in the store for it. I mean you weren't cool unless you had the Five-Star notebooks and the flashiest little binder or folders. And you really weren't cool if you had regular old pencils. Mechanical pencils were the way to go.
Show and tell. When I was a baby my cousin took me to her show and tell so obviously I was meant for show and tell stardom. So when my little sister was born what did I do? That's right, took her to show and tell too. I don't remember what else I brought but I'm sure it was something super awesome like the newest Pokeman card or a cool picture of a ghost that I took when I went to a haunted hotel in Texas.
So I was also the coolest birthday person ever. I know, I'm bragging a lot. But seriously. When it was my turn to bring in treats for my birthday I didn't just bring in cookies or cupcakes. Nope, my mom brought in pizza for everyone. Let that sink in for a moment. I. Brought. Pizza. And then my friends would be jealous and hate me for a few weeks but they eventually got over it because they got pizza. This stopped in like the 5th grade because at some point someone decided you could only bring in unopened packages of snacks. Losers.
And then oh the days of red rover. I hated this game. Probably because I wasn't strong enough to ever break through the people's arms. Or maybe it was the fact that one time while we were playing it on the blacktop I went to run in between the two biggest boys in my grade and instead of being gentlemen they held tight. They were also taller than me. So this meant when I hit their arms I got clothes lined and and fell back, hard, giving myself a concussion. I stopped playing that game after that.

Junior High:
Ohh the lovely awkward three years of school. My school started junior high in sixth grade and ended in eighth grade. These were the years. That awkward first kiss, dating an eighth grader while I was in sixth grade, dating a highschooler while I was in eighth grade, passing notes back and forth between my friends, having lockers, oh and getting my first cell phone. I'm leaving out the parts like getting pimples, not being able to wear/apply make up properly, girls being the worst things in the entire world because they were so hateful, and the teachers never understanding just what you were going through.

Um hello aim. And hello the days of making awful screen names. Like BeccaGRules91. And the countless hours I spent typing away to all of my friends. I actually had AIM and MSN but switched to just MSN after awhile because it was all so much to keep track of. You know since I was so busy in junior high. I seriously would stay up as late as possible talking to people on this thing though. We had one main computer in our kitchen and around 10 pm my dad would always make me get off. And I would always try to sneak back out a few hours later to talk to people. Like anyone was actually on at 1 in the morning..
And then there was the awesome choreographed cheerleading dances. This was the same group of friends that I would sing and dance with in grade school. So obviously we thought we were seriously awesome since we had legit dances. We would break out those moves at all the little junior high dances we had. We probably looked like idiots.

And then there was highschool where everyone and their dog thought they were the coolest. Newsflash, we went to a small town school where everyone knew everyone and we were most deff. not the coolest.
This was me in gym. When all the guys decided it was like the freaking Olympics or something. Like really, it's gym class. STFU.
 This was also me in gym. I did anything I could to get out of having to participate. Like I just said, it's gym class in high school. Do I really need to show you how slow I run the mile or how many push ups I can't do?
The lunch table. And the dreaded stare you got when you weren't welcome. Then you find a group of people who you decided to sit with. And when someone else thinks it's okay to sit at your table and you're all like "uhhh no". Or when you've been going up to a teacher's room for two years every day at lunch and then you get a new principle and he's a huge douche rocket and decides that you're leaving other students out because the entire high school can't fit into that classroom (like the entire high school wanted to sit with us anyways) and he takes your privileges away. Not that I'm bitter or anything...
Oh and then there was the school lunches. I mean yeah that cardboard pizza was legit, or the mysterious fish nuggets were amazing. The best part was having friends who wrestled. It always seemed like the had chicken nugget day when the boys were cutting weight so naturally I would eat as many as possible right in front of them.

And even though I said I wasn't going to, here are some old school pictures I was able to find on Facebook.
Good thing my friends don't actually read this thing. I'm pretty sure they might kill me.
And because the one thing I miss about high school is getting dressed up and going to prom, here are all four years of prom pictures.
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Anonymous said...

Haha that was a trip down memory lane. That just about summed up everyone's experience with school through the years. Well maybe not the boys because i hope they didn't pretend to be spice girls. But i was always baby spice because i was the only blonde :) Red rover was also an everyday occurrence at recess on top of jump roping. I never did learn how to double dutch. oh well.