Monday, July 29, 2013

It's All About Tonight

Hello. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing. I went to the Jana Kramer/Easton Corbin/Blake Shelton concert Friday, relaxed with family and went to the horse tracks on Saturday, went to Nick's softball games and just relaxed some more with family on Sunday. And now it's Monday. And I'm ready to be off work. 3 more hours, just 3 more hours.

 Jana Kramer was signing autographs at the concert. This seriously made my week. I love her and her music. Ever since she was on One Tree Hill (which is my favorite show ever, in case you didn't know) I have thought she was awesome. So about this time last year she came to Wild Country (the bar I tell you about sometimes). She was performing there, and it was free for college students to get in. At the time I didn't go there so I had asked the kid I was dating if we could go. He didn't want to. So guess who sat at home (and pouted, most likely) that night. Had I gone there I would have gotten to meet her and take pictures with her and talk to her. But getting her autograph and speaking to her for 2.2 seconds at the concert Friday was better than nothing.

Blake Shelton put on one of the best concerts I've ever been to. He just kept singing and singing and this man is hilarious. He sang a mixture of old/new songs and I was entertained the entire time. Part of that might be due to the fact that my friend was slightly intoxicated, left her phone in the bathroom, recovered her phone at customer service, and thanked the lady for a good 5 minutes by telling her she loved her. But Blake was entertaining too. I took plenty of videos. It's a habit I have while I'm at concerts. But no one ever gets to see them. Unless you all would prefer to hear mainly my lovely singing voice instead of Blake's. Yeah, I didn't think so. I may or may not have tweeted the man as well.

 Why he never responded to me, I have no idea.

Ethan also decided he was going to play doctor on everyone again this weekend. That is, until he got a new rocket launcher. Then it was goodbye everything around him, hello everyone has to watch him shoot this thing up in the air twenty thousand million times. His giggles every time made sitting there watching him worth it though. And holding his little baby brother Aiden wasn't so bad either.

Now back to work. Or reading The Hunger Games. I just started on the second one, never read the first one, last week and I got through it in two days. So I'm on the third one. It's taking a little longer to get into it but it's still good. I know, I'm a little late. Like years late, but oh well.
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Meghan said...

SO completely jealous that you got to meet Jana and got to see Blake!