Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And I Ramble

So I am currently in Florida right now which means this post was a scheduled post that I wrote before I left. Let me tell you, huge accomplishment right there. I never plan post in advanced. But here I am, writing one before I leave. Go me. Anyways, I would just like to catch you all up on the celebrity world once again because all I do all day at work is sit and read about their lives as if I have nothing better to do (like homework).

Breaking Amish star Kate Stolzfus posed like this for Is it just me or did she really break Amish by doing this? 

Kevin Bacon's lady lost the tip of her finger to some kale this weekend. Or to a knife while cutting kale .. would have been cooler if it was bacon...

JSimps had her baby the other day. She named it Ace Knute. It means masculine. Don't worry, it's actually a boy this time. When I told my mom she had her baby her response was "is she pregnant yet?" 

Avril and Chad got married. But then didn't get married. But no one really seems to know. Sooo there's that.

Oh and one more thing. Guess who gets to go to this concert. If you guessed me you are so RIGHT! Happy early early birthday to me from my mother .. slightly early but hey I am so excited it doesn't even matter! Now to go brush up on my dance moves .. only 5 months to work on them.
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CeCe said...

A few of my friends saw Beyonce in Vegas! I've seen her in SD. She's awesome. So glad you posted Kate. I watch that show and I wanted to see her Maxim shoot.