Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hi. It's Been Awhile. I Apologize.

Hi. Wow. I've been gone for like ages in the blog world. It's been over 20 days. I apologize. I just haven't been in that "mood" to blog lately. I guess you can say I've been in a sort of funk. I still have sooo many pictures of alligators to post from our trip to Florida. I took way too many, which I'm not ashamed of. So I've been up to a lot it feels like. I haven't gotten pictures of everything but it feels like I've been way busy lately.

For example:

My little cousin was born July 11. Which means Ethan has a little baby brother. He is seriously one of the cutest baby's I've ever seen. Okay, so I might be a little bias, but I mean really, look at him. And Ethan is the best big brother ever. He is so in love with him, it's adorable.

My friend Adam had his 8th fight. He won, obviously. I mean I did teach him everything he knows, so he's going to win every time. He has the best group of supporters between our friends and his friends and family. I love going and watching him because every time he wins it's a great feeling (since I'm the coach and all). I also get so unbelievably nervous every time he fights. Like that entire day I cannot handle it and the entire time I'm watching all the other fights I cannot handle it. But then he gets in the ring and just wins and makes it look so easy that I wonder why I got so nervous in the first place.

Nick had a softball tournament recently as well. It wasn't for his actual tournament team, but a few guys from the team were on it. They did pretty well in this tournament, and every time I go watch I like it more and more. I find myself getting excited for when he has tournaments or games which normally would have never happened but I think it helps that all the people on his team are awesome and a lot of fun to be around.

My friend Kaylee had her little baby on July 22. So did Kate Middleton, in case you weren't aware of it. So obviously Paisley and Prince George are meant to be together. She's adorable and I couldn't be happier for Kaylee and Pat. I've known Kaylee for about 6 years now and I know she is going to be the greatest
Dip is on the right, Chip is on the left
Nick and I also got two fish from a carnival. We played that fish game so many times. We didn't even win them, the guy running the game just felt sorry for us. We named them Chip and Dip (the softball team's mascots). Unfortunately, we were not able to keep Dip alive for more than three days. Apparently we overfed them. We may have fed them three times in one day. I guess you aren't suppose to do that with fish. But Chip is still alive. He wants another friend though, I can tell. Now it's just getting Nick to go with me to pick out a new one.

So that's that in my world. What about yours? I haven't even been keeping up with the main blogs I follow, so fill me in on your life please!
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