Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm a Copy Cat

So today I have no idea what to write about. Like that's any different from any other day. This blog is lucky if I have an actual idea on what to write. But more on that later. I've also been super busy playing people on this new QuizCross game on the iPhone. Download it. And play me. Comment on here if you want my user name. Anyways, back to not having any idea on what to write about. I found this little gem of a post yesterday and since Erin says she tagged everyone, I figured it would totally be cool with her if I copy cated. (I don't even think that's a word).

The ABC's of Me. You're welcome.

A. Attached or Single - Attached to this handsome boy.

B. Best Friend- I feel like I have more than just one best friend. I have a few girls who I know I can run to whenever I need advice and then of course my sisters and my mom are my best friends because no matter what, they have always been there for me.
C. Cake or Pie- Pie. Chocolate pie. With whipped cream. My mom makes the best. Now I'm hungry. Good thing Nick just told me we were going to lunch when I got off work!
D. Day of Choice- Friday! Even if I have to work or go to class on Friday I still love it. I mean you have a whole weekend to look forward too.
E. Essential Item- My phone. Don't judge me. How ever would I make it through the day without being able to check my slew of social media apps or play games. I wouldn't.
F. Favorite Color- Sparkles. And before you say it isn't a color, it is. If I can paint it on my nails, and then spend 20978978 hours trying to take it off, it's a color.
G. Gummy Bears or Worms- GUMMY BEARS. Wow, just got way excited about this. Number 2 favorite candy right there people. In case you ever wanted to send me a present or something...
H. Hometown? Small town USA. Just a little town of about 2200 people in Illinois. Sometimes I'm grateful for experiencing a small town, and most of the time I'm ready to experience the big city. Namely Chicago.
I. Favorite Indulgence- Lays and french onion dip. My mom knows to have it available for anytime I come over. Seriously sometimes she has multiple containers of it waiting for me. It's that bad...
J. January or July - October. My birthday month, Halloween and Red October. Duh.
K. Kids? Negative ghost rider. They like spit up and drool all over. And cry. I can't handle.
L. Life isn't Complete Without- Money and material items. Joking. My family most definitely and the love and support they give me.
M. Marriage Date- Uhh... check back in like ten years.
N. Number of Brothers and Sisters- Two seesters and one bwather
O. Oranges or Apples- Both? If I just brushed my teeth then neither.
P. Phobias / Fears? Frogs. It's a legit fear I have. And I've now met three other people who have this fear. And they're all grown males. So obviously this is not a silly fear I have.
Q. Quotes- Whatever movie or song quote that pops into my head at that moment.
R. Reasons to Smile- The fact that when I think about it, I have a pretty sweet life. I don't want or need really anything, unless you want to pay off my student loans. Also, when the Cardinals win the World Series .. or hold their number one spot in the league .. which isn't right now...
S. Season of Choice- Fall. My birthday. Red October. Halloween. Bon fires. Smores. Pumpkins. Haunted houses. Hoodies and jeans. Pretty leaves. You get the picture...
T. Tag 5 People- The total of five people who actually read this
U. Unknown Fact About Me: I hate making decisions .. I think you already knew this but I couldn't decide what unknown fact to write...
V. Vegetable- Pretty much any. Except onions and pickles. Ick
W. Worst Habit-Biting my nails or picking my fingernail polish off the day after I paint them...
X. Xray or Ultrasound- What kind of question is this?
Y. Your Favorite Food- Is this different than the favorite indulgence question?
Z. Zodiac Sign- Libra .. but I don't follow those things.

 Phew .. that was intense. But it gave you something to read while you're bored at work. So for that, you're welcome. It also gave me something to do while I'm bored at work. So Erin, thank you.
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Tiffanie A said...

So I can relate to you on almost EVERYTHING you said here. Sparkle is my favorite color, October is my birth month, Halloween my fav Holiday, and I am terrified of frogs thanks to a horrible night went wrong where I was talked into going frog gigging.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I love this - I did an A to Z post a few months back - such a fun way to learn about other people! Happy Friday!

Sparkles and Shoes

Meghan said...

I downloaded quizcross :) Wanna play?