Thursday, December 6, 2012

In case you were wondering

I am sure you were all wondering what I have been up to lately
Lots and lots of studying
Boring stuff like that

But I have managed to find some time to have a social life
As I feel this is slightly more important than any school work
Don't judge

The other night me and my friends got together just to watch movies and hang out
 It was a relaxing Saturday night
 Yesterday I hung out with the little man
We played tea/coffee time
We decorated the tree
And he developed an obsession for my feet...
Don't ask

 I've been trying to go out with my friends on Friday nights to relieve some stress
You know how that goes...

 I saw Santa and his reindeer the other day
I wanted a picture but I stopped myself since the oldest person taking a picture with him was no older than like 5
I hung out with the little man some more

 We had a bonfire at my friends house a week ago
It was a lot of fun

My sisters and I went for a sushi date
I actually cooked dinner
Like a real dinner
My drivers license says I have a prosthetic limb
I don't

 Andddd this is how you procrastinate....

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious about your license!