Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's Talk....

About how my entire life is one big embarrassing moment
Like the fact that as I sit here and type this I am wearing black sweat pants
So what, right?
Yeah well I also have liquid glue stains all over them right now as well....
What my pants actually look like right at this second...

Or let's talk about the a night a few weeks ago
The new boy that I told you about here just so happened to be at my house
Well we went out for ice cream and I payed
When we got back he wanted to pay me back...
I said no..
He didn't listen and put money in my hand
So when he walked me to my front door I thought I would be sneaky
I took off across the front yard like a bolt of lightning
I thought I was going to make it to his truck to put the money in there when all of a sudden...
I hit the ground
I didn't trip over anything
I just fell ... flat on my face... or my shins because they both have huge bruises now

Or let's talk about how the other night at my friends we were all talking about something
And someone goes "Yeah Becca (talking about me) said this the other day"
And I yell "Yeah Becca said that!"
Um... what?

Want another one?
You know you are an alcoholic (not really, but whatev) when you get auto-corrected once and the person you are texting automatically sends back "are you drunk?"
Either I am a really good texter or I am just drunk toooooo much

I'm sure there are more moments for me to tell you about
But that would be embarrassing...

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Rebecca Recommends said...

Ah this reminds me of my life x) right down to the glue on the sweat pants- I now have a pair that I just use for crafts cause of all the glue! that guy sounds really cute though :) insisting on paying you back for the ice cream...a keeper maybe? xx

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Haha awesome auto correct!

Ashlee Christopher said...

Hey cutie come stop by and add your page to our link up party today so other bloggers can meet ya!!

shannon said...

love your drunk references.
i think i drunk showered last night.
but i can't be certain.

stop by and say hi if you have a chance!!