Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Making of Our Wonderful Gingerbread House

Now, I use the word "wonderful" lightly
This may not be the best gingerbread house ever
But that's alright
According to Dylan this was the first time he's actually made one
He thought we were going to like make our own gingerbread and everything
He obviously doesn't know me very well
I buy the kit
Well I had my mom buy it
And she almost bought one for me that was preassembled
Yeah, I'm a princess 
Anyways, we had fun making it and decorating it
And we didn't really take it seriously
But we had fun and that's all that matters

 Trying to decorate the tree
 Decorating the front of the house... wait for it...
 Trying to get a picture of him with the house .. anddd my sister photobombed it
 Attempting to take a decent picture
It took us like 15 tries

And the final result
Let me tell you ... he did most of the decorating
Alright, maybe I decorated that little gingerbread man over there
But I was in a hurry to play Super Mario

Did you make a gingerbread house yet?
Are you going to?
You better!
Happy decorating!

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