Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Snapchat ... The Right Way

Okay so have any of you heard of this new thing called Snapchat?
Well I have
And let me tell you, when I first did I thought "man sooo stupid"
And my boyfriend said "you do not need another form of social media"
But did I listen to either of us and just not download it?
Of course not, because then I wouldn't be my actual self
So I got it
And I love it
Really all you do is send embarrassing photos of yourself to someone
Because let's face it, who doesn't love to do that
Especially when you know that the other person only has a certain amount of seconds to see it
Then it is gone forevaaa
Well, I mean I don't know if it's really gone ...someone controlling Snapchat probably has it hooked up to where they can always see all of our pictures .. but whatever

Anyways ... steps to properly Snapchatting

Step 1. Send funny/embarrassing picture of oneself
 This would be the "I burnt my tongue a week ago and it still hurts" picture I send to my sisters everyday
Step 2. Receive funny/embarrassing picture back
 Since I don't think I could get my sisters to actually send me embarrassing pictures let's just pretend it's them ... you get the point
Step 3. Send one back
 This would be my kissy face or duck face or whatever face you want to call it
Step 4. Again, receive one in return

 Step 5. Again send one back to the person

And that folks, is how you Snapchat
And this is what I do every day
From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed
Like me and my sisters actually send good morning and good night pictures
And let me tell you ... we look hot
I even get "potty break" or "shower time" pictures from my sisters
Yeah, we're that close
Be jealous

Anyways Happy Wednesday!
Two days from the weekend!

 Wait, was the world supposed to end today?
I thought that was the 21st?
Anyways, congrats on making it to today! 
The world did not end!

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