Thursday, December 20, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness

So ever since Friday my heart has been a little heavier than usual
I went to bed the night before so excited that I wouldn't have to set an alarm to wake up
I told myself that no matter how many times my phone buzzed, I was not going to wake up for it
So that morning my phone buzzed a few times like it always does in the morning but I ignored it
*Side note: I get all the breaking news updates sent to my phone from USA Today
So at one point when my phone buzzed I decided to look at it
It wasn't a text message, or a Facebook post, or a tweet
It was the USA Today update telling me that there had been a school shooting in Conn.

I'm not from Conn. nor do I know anyone from there
But as soon as I saw that on my screen I couldn't go back to sleep
I just layed in bed with a heavy heart and a feeling it wasn't good
As the day went on and more details started to come out I got more sick to my stomach

As a future teacher it made me wonder what I would have done
How I would have reacted
Now I don't have children, but I have two nephews and a niece and I have a lot of little cousins
So to think that this could have been one of them scares me
And I hurt for those families and those friends who lost their children and their friends and their wives or mothers or aunts or sisters
I have not stopped praying since that morning

As the week has gone on I have wondered to myself "how can I help"
What can I do
Then I found this Facebook page and I knew that was it
I am going to do 26 Acts of Kindness in memory of those sweet children and those brave faculty members from Sandy Hook Elementary School
I know this doesn't directly help the families that are suffering but I am hoping by doing this that I will help to show people that there is still good in this world
I hope this will brighten someones day and maybe make them smile a little more
And I hope it will make them stop and think about those innocent lives that were lost that day and maybe send a prayer up to the Big Man asking for a hand of blessing over those directly affected by this horrible tragedy
This is the little list I am using and attaching to every act I do
You can either save it from here or download it from here
I have decided to make this a link-up because I would love to see what you all do!
I think it would be a great way for us bloggers to show people that there really are good hearted people out in this world still. 
I will be posting my 26 Acts of Kindness post on December 27
So if you would like to link-up please do so on that day!

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Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

such a great idea!

I think alot of us feel the way you do, we just feel the pull to help but we don't know how, so thank you for sharing this, I will be taking part:):)

Shona Wood said...

Thanks for sharing this great idea Becca <3


Becca Moss said...

Thanks for sharing this! My name is Becca too! I'm your newest follower found you over at the not quite there yet blog hop, looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Esther Davison said...

Dear Becca, I'm a new GFC follower. This list will be a therapeutic act for you. Giving to others helps in so many ways. I'm a huge advocate for giving. I do make a difference Monday posts. That's when I highlight ways to help and the benefits. Esther Norine Designs