Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Oh my goodness!
I just want to take a second to thank Tami over at The Things We Find Inside for letting me co-host her I Love My Friends GFC Blog Hop yesterday!
I have gained so many new followers who I hope will become new friends!
So I thought I should do a little about me post to introduce myself to my new followers!

First off my name is Becca, obviously
(I love the word obviously, you will learn this)
I enjoy being sarcastic 100% of the time
I fear serious talk 
I feel as if emotions just get to messy
So instead I joke around, a lot

If you would like to know who my future husbands are you can check that out here
I love the St. Louis Cardinals
I live and breath Red October
This picture pissed me off so bad after they lost to the Giants, I almost never went back to this Wal-Mart

I enjoy shooting guns, although this is a recent enjoyment I have found

These were taken yesterday
Don't mess with me if I have a gun
Which I don't own
I borrow my friends
But still, don't mess with me

I write about anything and everything that comes to my mind
Most of the time it's about my life
Or the life of celebrities
Because I tend to obsess over that for some reason
It's a guilty pleasure of mine

I also write a lot about this little guy here
He is my little cousin/baby brother and I love him to death
In March I will also be writing about this little baby girl
She will become my newest cousin/baby sister in March and I cannot WAIT
Ps. They are not actually a cousin/sibling, I just like to think of them as my siblings because I am so close to them

My life is not super exciting
I don't go on big adventures whenever I want
I am a college student working towards becoming an elementary education teacher while working two office jobs on campus
I mean, obviously my life is super duper exciting
I live in the mid-west which can also be called the-middle-of-no-where-with-nothing-to-do-ever
But I will try my best to entertain you
I love this blog and I love the friendships it has brought me
I cannot wait for more friendships along the way and I am so glad you have all decided to join in my non-crazy, not so exciting, adventure we all call life.

I would love it if you could follow me on Facebook
Or Instagram @bgrandidier
Or all of them!
*Side note: I may or may not have a slight addiction to all things social media, glitter, pink, fourwheelers, boys, and books

Thanks for getting to know me! 
I can't wait to get to know you! 

One more side note!
You all need to go check out the AMAZING giveaway going on over at Whispering Sweet Nothings 
It is called the Rally to 2K Giveaway and you will not be disappointed!

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James Gibson said...

Hi I'm new to your blog from the chaos blog hop. I have a daddy blog hope you swing by if you have the time :-) Looking forward to your posts

Anonymous said...

Hey Becca,

It was my pleasure. Thanks for guest hosting the hop this week. I will email you shortly.


Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This is such a cool post! I am co-hosting a blog hop way in January and I totally need to do this! I learned so much about you just from one post and it was awesome!

Aren't guns fun?!! lol. I'm still looking for the perfect gun...but the bf-soon-to-be-fiance bought his dream gun a few weeks ago. I have yet to shoot it though.

My bf is also a cardinals fan! :) He told me that since we live close enough now we will have to go to a game some time...I haven't been to one since I visited my aunt years ago when I was a kid!

Oh, and you have gorgeous hair!! Love it!

I'm so excited to have found your blog! I know I'll enjoy it! :)

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Jillian Nicole said...

Hi I am following you from Tami's hop and admire your passion for shooting guns. Wow... it is something I would not mind trying.
Thanks for sharing in this post and I would love for you to follow back.

Kimberly Bonham said...

Love your blog. New follower!
Follow me back?