Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Faves!

It's Fridayyyy!!!
I love Fridays
But I believe I have already informed you of that enough
But seriously, who doesn't love Friday?!
If you insist...

Nowww Friday Faves!
My first one 
This CD may have come out almost 2 weeks ago
And this girl may no longer be considered "country" in my eyes
But I do love her newest CD!

I am in loveeee with this song!
Oh, and every other song on the album!

Sticking with the red theme...
I am soooo loving that Starbucks rolled these babies out this week!

 Here is my favorite picture of Kstew
I think it's the mask on her face
But she actually looks like she is smiling...
Yeah, deff. has to be that mask

Anddd my favorite celeb Halloween costume this year...
Helloooo Rock

My favorite would have been Heidi Klum's but she canceled her party this year due to Sandy
She says there will be a "Haunted Christmas" party in the near future...
I can't wait!

Happy Friday!

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Helene said...

love the kstew pic! and starbucks cups make me very very happy!

Natalie Hames said...

Everyone has Starbucks cups on their fave list! can't wait to get my first one tomorrow!


Stacey Kane said...
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