Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything you need to (or don't want to) know about Thanksgiving

Let me start off this post by saying the average person consumes 3,000+ calories on Thanskgiving.
Umm.... what?!?!
It would take a 150 pound person running 29 miles to burn that off...
Yeah, now that I have enlightened you with that lovely piece of information let's continue
I love Thanksgiving
Although it's not my favorite holiday (see here) I do love all the food I get
The turkey, the mashed potatos, the green beans, the stuffing... I could go on and on
I also love being in a food coma ... I love eating the food then taking a nap
Then I wake up and eat the food all over again andddd take another nap
And I repeat this process throughout the entire day
Awesome, I know
Anywho, did you know that at the first Thanksgiving dinner they didn't even have forks?
Werid, but whatev
They ate with spoons and knives and their hands
They also didn't have mashed potatos (whaaa?!?!) or pumpkin pie (which I could also do without)
On Thanksgiving day Americans consume about 736 million pounds of turkey
Just on that day
I love me some turkey but holy smokes
Speaking of sleeping
I know it was a few facts ago but you know the difference
Anyways, turkey does not actually make you sleepy
It's all the carbs you consumed
Or the alcohol
Or the family
Same thing
Good news for you people out there who cook the whole meal though!
You burn about 700 calories cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal
Now if only we could stop ourselves from eating everything we just made...
Or if I could actually get up and make some of the food
I'll just sit here and eat everything and lay around
Sounds like an excellent plan to me

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