Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Aquarium Tour!

Hello and happy Wednesday! The week is half way over!
Yesterday I went to the aquarium in St. Louis with my sister, her boyfriend Tony, and Jake.
We had a Groupon for a back stage tour of the place.
It was alright, but after you've been to an actual aquarium like the one in Chicago, this one kind of sucks.
But I got a lot of pictures. Of course :)

The little fish that sucked the dead skin off your hand.
Yeah, gross.
Tortoises and sugar gliders. 
Touching sharks and star fish.
Feeding a sloth. 
It was a mean and greedy sloth.
Feeding the sea turtles.
Feeding the sea otters and ant eater.
Snakes. The top right picture is Carrie. Standing in the offices.
She is kind of scared of snakes. Ha :)
Jake, me, Carrie, and Tony.

Thanks for reading! :)


Katie @ Lady Million said...

SO cool. That looks like so much fun.

Tiffanie A said...

Looks great!
....We went to the new Sealife Aquarium in Kansas City this past weekend.... and your right.... nothing compares to the Sheds in Chicago!

Becca said...

It was a lot of fun! I was hoping for more fish and stuff but it was still fun!

Becca said...

No, I love Shed's! I would live there if I could! :)