Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend recap!

It's Tuesday. Probably the most boring day of the week. It's not Monday which everyone loves to hate, it's not Wednesday which means the week is half way over, and it's not Thursday which is the day before Friday. So there you have it, it's Tuesday. And I am stuck at work all day. Since I didn't post about my weekend yesterday I will let you know how uneventful it was! Ha I barely took any pictures and only one using Instagram .. sad face :(. 

Flowers from the boyfriend. Actually, a flower plant. So now he doesn't have to get me flowers for a while. Sneaky boy

Lighting. There was a storm this weekend and the lighting was wicked awesome!

Two little critters found in the yard and the ditch this weekend

My little (taller then me) sister had her senior prom Saturday night. And my littler (still taller then me) sister served cookies and drinks at the prom. They are growing upppppp!

Anyways, that was my not so exciting weekend. This coming weekend my friend's older sister and my old babysitter is getting married so we will be attending that wedding! Then the next weekend Carrie graduates! What!?!! Anyways, this week is only a three day work week! Yay! I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! I am hoping to get a craft out there sometime this week so be looking for it! Thank you for reading!

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