Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Ramblings!

Hello and happy Thursday! One more day until Friday which means a three day weekend! I.Am.So.Excited. Can you tell?! :) Plus, it's Memorial Day weekend which means sales, sales, sales! Heck yes.

Go out and do this after your workday, I bet you feel better!

So today I am just going to randomly ramble, hence the title of the post. Because frankly I don't know if I will be able to get on tomorrow for Friday Findings and I just really am out of post ideas for the day. I have been reading/doing homework all day while at work (I know, I do a lot) and my brain is fried.

First off I want to ask a huge favor from everyone. Actually, scratch that, it is not a huge favor. It will take about 30 seconds out of your day, every day, for the next month. I think you can all manage that right? So my friend Coy is in a band called Joker's Wild.

See, there they are.

And they need your help! They are a local band and they are trying to take their music career to the next level. They are trying to get the opportunity to play at Warped Tour, and Battle of the Bands is having a contest to help local musicians achieve their dream of making it big. All you need to do is go to this website and create an account which takes maybe a minute. Then every day go back to this website and vote for them. Oh, and while you are at it listen to their songs. You'll probably enjoy them. I do. Go here for more details on the contest and on the boys. Thanks for voting! (Because I know you will)

Anyways I found this picture of Megan Fox today.

She's like trying to hide her pregnancy and has yet to come out and say she is actually pregnant. Um hello, look at her. If you have ever seen any pictures of her before you know that she is obvi pregnant in this one. 
I mean look.
There she is not pregnant. My point is proven.

In case you live under a rock, the American Idol finale was last night. And the winner is.....
Phillip Phillips. Yeah, I just went there. If you are reading this and didn't already know, sorry botcha but come on, how do you not know?
Anyways, not only did this happen.

But this happened. 

So freaking adorbs. 
And incase you were wondering who those people are. That is Diana Degarmo (season 3) and Ace Young (season 5). Both were on American Idol and they are also the first couple ever produced from American Idol and now they are engaged! So cute.

And I am leaving you with this. Because, well.... do I really have to explain why? :)

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to vote! :)


Haley W. said...

Phillip Phillips melted my heart Wednesday night!! Love him and so glad he won!! And I always loved Ace on his season...his proposal was SO adorable!! :)

Becca said...

I almost started to cry when Phillip was crying! So sweet! And oh my gosh yes the proposal was adorable!

HDTracy said...

My mother in law was all emotional after watching american idol and now I totally know why!! I haven't been watching this season but I do remember Ace from a few years back - that's so adorable!!

Becca said...

Yes it was so cute!