Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Trip to the Zoo! :)

I love the zoo! Let me repeat that, I. Love. The. Zoo. Especially when we take Ethan because he gets so darn excited, it's adorable! We got to touch the stingrays and sharks and feed the stingrays. I love sharks and all things under water but I was kind of nervous to touch them at first. Like hello, they bite off arms and sting people. Even though it was small sharks who didn't move and stingrays with their stingers out I was still a bit nervous. But after touching the first one it got more fun! You just sat with your hand in the water and the stingrays would swim right up to you. Then when I fed them I thought that it would just be little specks of food. Um, no. It was full fledge raw fish pieces. Gross. But I was a beast and did it! They went crazy folks. It was like the middle of feeding time and these stingrays acted like it had been years since they had gotten to eat. It was awesome! I wanted to stay there all day. But sadly we did not get to. But I just love the zoo. Like the whole zoo! :) Obvi I took plenty of pictures so without further ado, here you go.

If you couldn't tell we had a photo shoot in the van.
This guy had two little baby geese chasing him. So freakin cute.

The camels were shedding.  Gross.

Little baby kangaroo!

Playing in the stingray pool!

Grandma Barb touching the stingray!
Aunt Cindy touching the stingray!

He was teaching me how to feed them
I was probably annoying him with how leary I was of it! Ha

Waiting for the train!

This little kid was walking around like the bird and following it. Ha!

Anyways, now we are starting on graduation stuff! So look for some DIY's soon! Thanks for reading! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Cutest kid ever. :-)