Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation Party Ideas!

Here are some graduation party ideas for you!

Advice for the Grad:
Download the PDF here.
Cut ribbons whatever length you would like
Have people write advice to the grad and then scroll them up like a diploma
It's a great idea for a guest book!

Graduation table:
Every school picture throughout the years
Picture boards
Card box

Dum-Dum Tree:
A painted flower pot
One bag of dum-dums
A styrofoam ball
Just stick the dum-dums all over the ball

The graduation caps:
Chocolate covered square cookie
Mini reese's peanut butter cups
Brown m&m's
Put icing on reese's then put the cookie on top
Put a dab of icing then them m&m

Cupcake Sticks:
Cut out circles for the background
Cut out another smaller piece for the front
Hot glue a toothpick in between the two pieces of paper

 Card box:
Covered in fabric
Sticky gems on it
Ribbon to match

Hope that helps some of you for your parties! Thanks for reading! :)


Anonymous said...

It looked so awesome, Becca! So sad I missed the celebration.
- amber :-)

Becca said...

It was fun! We missed you though!

mark lawrence said...

Glad to know about these graduation party ideas. Last month, I did corporate event planning for my best friend’s college graduation party. Booked one of the amazing venues and arranged a lovely party for him. Everyone appreciated all arrangements.