Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One More Week!

Until the greatest holiday ever!
Halloween is right around the cornor folks.
Get exciteddddd
So in order to properly celebrate this great holiday here are a few things you need to do

1. You need to go out and buy a costume
If you are a girl (over the age of 18 please) you need to dress like a skank
Sorry, but it's the truth.
The sexy nurse idea never fails

2. You need to go to a haunted house
Just google haunted houses around your area and I'm sure there are some
You need to do this.
It's necessary in order to properly experience Halloween.
Although I did not get to go to one this year, next year I'll just go to two
Usually I go to the Darkness
It's been featured on the Travel Channel and whatnot
It's supposed to be scary
But I laugh
I'm just that tough

3. You need to go to a pumpkin patch
Again, not doing that this year .. unless something magically happens before next week
But I feel as if this is a vital part of the Halloween season

4. You need to eat caramel apples
And lots of them
These I have been eating
 The whole month of October
They are lovely
Here's a recipe

5. You need need need to watch scary movies
At least 5
Preferably 10
I love scary movies
Pretty much my favorite thing
I love being scared
Amityville Horror
Paranormal Activity
Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street

And there are many, many more scary movies
These are just a few suggestions

So now, go out and get all of this done in a week!
And then let me know how much you enjoyed it all!
Happy Halloween!
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Michelle said...

I'm probably going to the Darkness this weekend!

Katie said...

I love watching scary movies during Halloween time! It just seems appropraite! That and eating halloween candy that you are supposed to give away to trick or treaters!

Ashlee Christopher said...

Your gonna look so hot in that girl!!

Miss Traci said...

Eeeek I hate the paranormal ones, but give me a good bloody one and I just laugh my butt off :)