Monday, October 1, 2012

My Celebrity Talk For the Day

Let's start off by talking about the fact that it is Monday.
And not only is it Monday, but it reallyyyyy feels like a Monday
Like some Monday's I am okay with it being Monday because it's all "hey today isn't so bad"
But today, this certain Monday, feels like a Monday.
From hell.
Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Onto some BIG news though.
What the HELL was Jason Aldean thinking?!
Um, let me tell you ... he wasn't.
I loveD that man. Emphasis on the D.
Like I want wanted to marry him.
Not anymore, thank you very much.

In case you were wondering, that man right there is Mr. Aldean himself.
That woman?
Not Mrs. Aldean.
And to think, just a few short weeks ago I read all about him and his happy marriage to his high school sweet heart in People Magazine Country Eddition
He apologized, but used the excuse he was intoxicated.
Lame ass excuse Jason.

In other news, the Lachey's have produced an adorbs picture of their baby boy
 All together now, "awwww"

In other baby news, Drew Barrymore had her baby girl last Wednesday.
The news was just announced today.
That's like a thousand years in celeb world.
They named her Olive Barrymore Koplan.
Pretty darn cute if you ask me.
And obviously you did, since you are reading this.

Don't read if you haven't watched yet!
If you are exiting now, have a great day!
And go watch your DVR'd episode of Revenge!
If you are still here, don't say I didn't warn you.
There were a million different story lines going at the same time.
There were a million different secrets being told at the same time.
I hate that Charlotte is actually trying to be good and get off the pills but her ass of a fake Father doesn't care about her so he just keeps paying someone to make up false negative reports.
All he wants is her money she is supposed to be getting because Victoria died in that plane crash (that he caused).
But, SURPRISE Victoria is not dead.
Didn't see that one coming....
And of course, the one to find out from Charlotte is Emily.

I'm done for now, because I don't want to spoil everythingggg.
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Check back tomorrow for a post on a special birthday girl! :)

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Anonymous said...

That baby is just adorable! Thanks for the updates. :)


Sonya said...

I think Nick won on the baby front because he is a handsome little guy. I knew Victoria wasn't dead. I was looking at Wikipedia before the show began to see if she was gone from the show. I wasn't shocked and I'm glad they have some fun things in store this season.

Glamorous Mommy said...

I'm glad I stopped by, I feel up-to-date ;) Following from the GFC blog hop and hope you will stop by and follow back!

-Fotini { }

Katie said...

I love love Revenge! I watched the entire first season this month. I knew that Victoria wouldn't be dead. I also think that Jack isn't the father of Amanda's baby. I want Emily and Jack to be together!