Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Summer Goals

My summer break has already started, and ended. So that's cool. However, I only have until August 8 and then I am officially done with school and I cannot wait. Even though I am already done with my summer break, I feel as if I should still makes some goals for the next few months. I won't be able to travel anywhere because school thinks it's cool to be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but whatev. So in order to make my "break" a little bearable, I decided to come up with some fun goals to reach this summer, on the blog and in real life.

1. Start taking ootd pictures that show my whole outfit and not just the top third of me. When I dress cute, usually after raiding my sisters closet, I always feel like I should take some pictures of the whole outfit. However, that never happens because I don't have anyone to take those pictures and I usually just end up taking a selfie instead. I know, judge me. 

2. Go for a walk with Luke at least four times a week. This has been happening maybe once a week but it needs to start happening like all the time. It's good for him because it gives him exercise and wears him out and it's also good for me because exercise, duh. 

3. Become more organized in real life and on this hear blog of mine. I need to get a nice planner that I'll be excited to write in and I need to come up with posts in advanced. I also need to write down all the assignments I'm going to have in my four summer classes so I can keep up with all the work that I'm about to endure in the next 3 months. 

4. Start cooking at home regularly. This also means I have to go to the grocery store on a regular basis. Which sucks. I hate the grocery store. But Nick and I eat fast food or go out to eat way too much and it really needs to stop. As I say while I drink my large sweet green tea from Sonic.

5. Save money. This is going to be hard considering I am going to be interning 45 minutes away from my house almost forty hours a week, for free. But I'm hoping to get a weekend waitressing job which will help with the money situation.

6. Take a little weekend vacation, because I know I'm going to need it once July rolls around. I really shouldn't complain since I do only have three months left of school, but after watching everyone graduate this weekend I feel like I'm going to be stressed to the max trying to get through this summer. 

7. Get Luke enrolled in puppy classes. He is a pretty well behaved dog but sometimes he likes to be a little crazy. He also doesn't realize how big he is which can cause destruction in an instant. Like the other day when he went to jump on my mom's lap who was sitting in the chair in the living room and he slid across her onto the side table and broke the lamp sitting on it. I also want him to stop pulling me when we go for walks or I take him outside because I am sick of sliding down our hill by our house while he sprints to the door for a treat. 

8. Start posting on this on a regular basis. I feel like I make this goal for myself a lot but I really want to get better at posting. On that note, I need to get a more exciting life or become more creative in my writing.

9. I also want to start crafting again. I kind of put that on the back burner after I met Nick because I just wanted to spend time with him. After we moved in together I thought I would get back into it since we were always around each other and I would have more time. However, then Luke came in to the picture and since he has to be on my lap at all times, it's a little hard to get anything done that I don't want him eating.

10. Stay on top of things at my apartment. Who would have thought that keeping two bedrooms, actually only one because my sister now resides in the other one, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room clean would be so much work. I now understand why my mom would get so frustrated after she cleaned the house because I feel like the second I clean something it's just dirty again. I need to stay on top of cleaning and I also want to decorate a little more since we are probably going to be there for awhile instead of moving out at the end of this month like we had planned when we moved in back in October.
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