Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be Thankful

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A second burrito post

So I can promise you that I do not eat burritos for every single meal. It just so happens that the last two posts of mine are about burritos. Total coincidence. But last night I was trying to decide what to make for dinner and because as soon as I get home, I change in to pajamas, I did not feel like putting regular people clothes back on and going to the store. So I was searching my cabinets for things that I already had and noticed that I have 2432432 packs of ramen. Lightbulb moment. I googled "recipes with ramen" and so many posts came up. But this one caught my eye. It seemed simple enough and I already had all of the ingredients at home. Perfect. So I got to work. The first thing I had to do was google how to cook chicken on the stove because the only way I know how to cook chicken is in the oven. Give me a break, I'm new at this whole living on my own thing. Anyways, I just followed that recipe except for the garlic and chili powder and I think mine turned out just fine.

My pictures aren't near as good as the ones on the site I used for inspiration. But that's probably because I was too worried about all the hot oil that had splashed up onto my hands and arms. Seriously, I did not know that cooking chicken this way made the oil pop that much. I was probably doing something wrong, but oh well. Live and learn right?

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Monday, November 25, 2013

A chicken and french fry burrito was consumed..

It's Monday. I hate Monday. I especially hate Mondays that are involved in a short week. Something about the week only being 3 days long makes my Mondays that much longer. And the fact that I am starving while I'm writing this post and looking forward to Thanksgiving does not help in making this Monday go by any faster. So I'll just tell you about my weekend while I day dream about this turdukin that I'm suppose to be consuming on Thursday. Side note: I've never had a turdukin. I don't even know if I'm spelling it right. But my Uncle from Cali had one delivered to my Aunt's for our meal on Thanksgiving. Along with a bunch of sides. And told her to go by two more fresh turkeys and a ham. I don't think I'll be starving on Thursday...

Anyways, Friday night Nick and I went out with some of our friends. So where I'm from, there is a little restaurant that sells burritos and such. Well, on Friday and Saturday nights from like 11-2 they just sell burritos on the street. Let me just tell you, I thought we were buying burritos from a random person, not a restaurant and I was perfectly okay with this. But then once they pointed out it was not from a rando, I felt a little better about eating it. Anyways, this burrito contains two ingredients. Chicken and french fries. I kid you not. And it was one of the best things ever. Nick has now informed me that we will be going up there every weekend to get burritos. We went back up there Saturday night after hanging out at our friends house. He loves them. He also put wayyyy too much hot sauce on his Friday night and I thought his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head. At one point I swear he said "ow" while eating it. Not joking.

Saturday I did a little shopping which was nice. Except that I hate people. So being in the mall at this time was the worst idea ever. Because there were 7495703424798 people in there. Probably not that many, but at least 232305 people. Then Saturday night I planned on just sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies and painting pottery while Nick wrote his paper. So he came downstairs after his nap and started on his paper. After about a half hour we decided we were not laying around, that we were going to our friends house. So that's what we did. And that's where the game of baseball happened. And that's what produced this hilarious videos.

My friends >>> yours. Sorry not sorry.

Sunday was spent like any other Sunday. I layed around for the afternoon while watching the Bears play awful against the Rams. Which doesn't really matter to me since I don't like either of those teams, but since the Bears are Nick's team I was hoping they would win. But they didn't. Oh well. Then we headed to my parents to do 4 hours of laundry. Seriously, please tell me how two people can accumulate that much laundry in a week. A week! And we had four loads. Then we watched the AMA's. And Pitbull bugged me, I loved Christina and A Great Big World's performance, and Miley is just Miley and for some reason I love her.

And that was my weekend. How was yours?

Sami's Shenanigans

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I am too afraid to sleep in my own room

The other day while doing my normal catch up on the world through Buzzfeed browsing, I came across this article. It's about these people who had bought a house and one day realized there was a secret passageway. Well, like any normal human they went exploring only to find out that someone was living in a little crawl space in that secret passageway! LIVING IN IT! Obviously I was slightly, okay entirely, freaked out by this but thought to myself that I had nothing to worry about because there are no bookcases to have secret passageways in my house. So that night I was showing Nick the article and he thought it was crazy too. The next day he says to me "what if someone is living in our attic?" He only thought this because there is a little square cutout in our ceiling in our closet. Cue me getting so entirely freaked out that I started to shake. So we came up with a plan. I was going to get on his shoulders and we were going to see if that cutout moved or not. It didn't look like it would so I really didn't think I had anything to worry about. But guess what! It moves! I screamed and thought I was going to fall off of his shoulders. He backed away super quickly. Then we had to come up with another plan. I was going to get back on his shoulders and shine a flashlight up there to see if I could see anything. One reason we were both super freaked out was because occasionally we hear things up there but I always just thought it was an animal running across the power lines outside.

So I got on his shoulders again, this time armed with a flashlight and he had a bat in his hands. I'm not sure what we thought we would do but whatever. When I went to move it to look into it he decided that because there were still spiderwebs in the corners that it hadn't been moved. Secretly I think he was scared and didn't want to find out the truth ;-). Anyways, our third plan of action was to tape a piece of cardboard over it so that we would know if anyone was coming in and out of it.

Well, in the middle of the night we were woken up by what sounded like our bedroom door being shut. Naturally I was so entirely freaked out that I couldn't fall back asleep. I just told myself, and Nick, that had someone come out of the closet I feel like I would have heard those doors opening. He claims that he was so passed out there's no way he would have heard it. Thanks for that babe, now I'm super freaked out. I barely slept last night by the way. And when I woke up this morning the cardboard was on the floor. The little baby in me says to get the hell out of there. The normal rational human in me says that is the noise we heard last night and I probably just didn't tape it very well.

I told Nick he isn't allowed to leave me home alone anymore. I have watched way too many scary movies. And because I read that stupid article the other day I am thoroughly freaked out. Like to the point where I shake and my heart races when I think about it. I will probably carry a bat or something with me whenever I am home now. And I know what you're probably thinking. "Man she is crazy there is nothing living up there" But tell me you wouldn't be slightly freaked out if this were your place. And it doesn't help that we hear things that make it sound like people or animals are running around right above our heads.

For now let's just hope I am crazy and just imagining things in my head. I will give you an update if we ever get the guts to actually look in there with a flashlight.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Glittered Ornaments

Yes, I am posting twice in one day. Even better than that, I'm posting twice in like 10 minutes. But that's because I'm so excited for the Christmas things I made last night that I couldn't wait another day to post these how-tos. This one is my favorite and I am so excited I figured out how to do these. The glittered ornaments are a perfect and easy idea to decorate your tree with. Yesterday I went to Michaels to just get some plain plastic ornaments that I could paint but then I remembered all these neat glitter ornaments I was seeing all over Pinterest. When I searched how to do them the main thing they pointed out was that they were all using clear floor cleaner. And when I was searching how to do this it was like 10:30 at night. So obviously I didn't want to get out in the cold that late to go get clear floor cleaner. So I did what any normal crafting human being would do and I decided to just try what I had and hope it worked. And it did! Ps. sorry for the awful picture quality. I wasn't thinking to go grab my camera when I was making these because I was just way too excited that I figured out how to make them.

I just used this Mr. Clean floor cleaner and I feel like it worked just as well as the clear floor cleaner I was seeing on all the other websites.

I just poured a little in the ornament and swirled it around until I was sure I had coated the entire inside. The key is to swirl it though and not shake it because shaking it makes bubbles that you don't want.

Then I poured glitter in. I did this a little at a time and swirled it as well until I had coated the entire inside in glitter.

And then I painted the outside of two of them. And how cute are these!? Seriously. And it was super cheap because I had already had the glitter and paint from before. The floor cleaner was already sitting in my kitchen cabinet and the ornaments were 50% off at Michaels yesterday. I may be going back to get some more today just so I can continue this awesome glitter sesh. The best part? The glitter is on the inside so it's not getting everywhere which means Nick is way more likely to put these on the tree!
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Christmas Coasters

So awhile back. Like over a year ago. I posted a how to on making picture coasters. Well, I took that idea last night and turned it into Christmas coasters. I went on a Christmas crafting streak last night. And it was amazing. I'm super stoked with how these coasters turned out. Remember, if you want the full how to just go here.

They were super easy to make and I feel like they turned out just fine. For now they will replace the cute coasters that I painted for our new place until Christmas is over. Today is officially the 15 which means I can officially start decorating for Christmas! I told Nick that tomorrow night will be spent watching Elf and putting up the tree. Lets see if that actually happens...
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My dog hates getting a bath

Hello. Hi. How are you? It's Tuesday. Probably the most boring day of the week. And I'm also pretty sure I've already written that in a different post. But that just confirms my thoughts on how boring a Tuesday is. Although, my Tuesday is slightly better this week because I'm just looking forward to the fact that two of my three classes were cancelled for tomorrow. It's also a good day because last night I found out that my first article was published to Yahoo! You can check that out here. I'm pretty super stoked about it and I'm so excited to start writing more for them.

Anyways, my weekend was a typical boring weekend. Which is what I love. Except for Friday night. Friday I went back to my old stompin grounds known as Wild Country. I haven't been there on a Friday in like a really long time. I haven't been there period in what seems like forever either. I went with a few of my girlfriends and it was nice to get out of the house and actually do something for once. We also attempted to take some pictures and me being me, it took a few tries.

Saturday was spent nursing a wonderful hangover that I had. I didn't even drink that much Friday but because I don't drink that much (read ever), it hit me prettyyyy hard. Saturday was also spent at my parents doing laundry (read my favorite thing to do in the whole world, not). And also trying to give Tatum a bath. He hates hates hates baths. I don't understand why either because when I'm at my parents and take a shower he is also in the bathroom with me. Weird, I know. Even weirder is the fact that if he hears a loud noise that scares him (which is a lot), he will jump right in to the shower with me and hide. So he's perfectly fine jumping in if I am in there but if it's time for him to get an actual bath he breaks out his best hide n seek moves.

Yepp, those are his best moves he's got. A black dog hiding under a white toilet... he doesn't get his brains from me. :)

Sunday I got to sleep in. Twelve glorious hours of sleep. And when I woke up I was still exhausted. Seriously, I think the hangover lasted like 48 hours. Anyways, after laying on the couch for awhile and watching We Bought a Zoo (which I cried and laughed at the entire movie), I decided it was time to get up and be a normal human being. I cleaned for a bit then went to see my Grandma for her birthday. Then came home and made dinner for Nick because that's how awesome I am. And my friend Stephanie came over to watch a movie. I showed her some of the movies I had recorded, hoping she picked one of the two animated children's movies I had, but she picked Mama instead. So then I had nightmares all night. Don't watch that movie. It's weird and scary and slightly stupid.

Yesterday was just a normal all day work/class day for me. Except last night was the first snow! And when I was laying in bed unable to sleep I decided to get on social media, the norm. When I saw someone had posted a first snow picture I immediately jumped out of bed to go downstairs and look out the window. I couldn't see anything. Then when I was crawling back into bed, Nick asked what I was doing and just laughed at me when I told him. He also informed me there was a window right next to our bed. Oops. I still didn't see anything when I looked out that window. However, walking in to work this morning, there was still snow on the leaves so obviously I had to Instagram that!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Get Free Magazines!

So the other day I was just browsing Pinterest like I do every day all day and I stumbled upon this pretty awesome website. It's called Recyclebank and it gives you points for pledging to do things with recycling. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't recycle and I know that I should do a hell of a lot more to keep our Earth clean, but this website is an awesome place if you are wanting to earn points for free or discounted things. I know I'm probably cheating the system, although I have learned a few things by taking their little one question quizzes (while earning 10 points). The cool thing is that this website gives you free magazine subscriptions for your points. I have already earned two free subscriptions to two different magazines and I'm on my way to a third and fourth one already. The best part is you don't have to put any credit card information in, which is always a nice feeling so you know they won't be secretly charging you for anything.

When you click this link, it will take you to their homepage where you can click get started. From there you will answer some questions about your recycling habits and fill in your e-mail and information like that.

After signing up, you are on your way to earning those points. It's super easy too. You can read articles, pledge to take different recycling actions, or enter codes from things you have already bought that are green.
They have these little one question quizzes you can take and regardless of if you get it right or not you earn 10 points just for answering. These are how I've learned some things about recycling. Like did you know that the average American produces four pounds of trash a day? Four pounds! I feel like that's a lot but when you look in my back seat I guess I can see where they get that fact...

After you have earned enough points you can head on over to the rewards section of the site. This is my favorite section (obviously). Like you can get a free year of Cosmo for around 350 points, which isn't hard to get at all. Here are some examples of magazines you can get for earning points.

It also shows you how much you have saved and shows you where you stand in comparison to other people. It's a pretty awesome site, even if you're just in it for the free stuff (kind of like me) but it has made me realize I need to start recycling more. We even have a recycle bin at our house, we just never use it. I guess it's time to start doing some of the stuff I have pledged to do.

**All of these were my opinions and Recyclebank did not ask me to write this. I just wanted to let you all in on this awesome way to get free magazines and such!
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