Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My dog hates getting a bath

Hello. Hi. How are you? It's Tuesday. Probably the most boring day of the week. And I'm also pretty sure I've already written that in a different post. But that just confirms my thoughts on how boring a Tuesday is. Although, my Tuesday is slightly better this week because I'm just looking forward to the fact that two of my three classes were cancelled for tomorrow. It's also a good day because last night I found out that my first article was published to Yahoo! You can check that out here. I'm pretty super stoked about it and I'm so excited to start writing more for them.

Anyways, my weekend was a typical boring weekend. Which is what I love. Except for Friday night. Friday I went back to my old stompin grounds known as Wild Country. I haven't been there on a Friday in like a really long time. I haven't been there period in what seems like forever either. I went with a few of my girlfriends and it was nice to get out of the house and actually do something for once. We also attempted to take some pictures and me being me, it took a few tries.

Saturday was spent nursing a wonderful hangover that I had. I didn't even drink that much Friday but because I don't drink that much (read ever), it hit me prettyyyy hard. Saturday was also spent at my parents doing laundry (read my favorite thing to do in the whole world, not). And also trying to give Tatum a bath. He hates hates hates baths. I don't understand why either because when I'm at my parents and take a shower he is also in the bathroom with me. Weird, I know. Even weirder is the fact that if he hears a loud noise that scares him (which is a lot), he will jump right in to the shower with me and hide. So he's perfectly fine jumping in if I am in there but if it's time for him to get an actual bath he breaks out his best hide n seek moves.

Yepp, those are his best moves he's got. A black dog hiding under a white toilet... he doesn't get his brains from me. :)

Sunday I got to sleep in. Twelve glorious hours of sleep. And when I woke up I was still exhausted. Seriously, I think the hangover lasted like 48 hours. Anyways, after laying on the couch for awhile and watching We Bought a Zoo (which I cried and laughed at the entire movie), I decided it was time to get up and be a normal human being. I cleaned for a bit then went to see my Grandma for her birthday. Then came home and made dinner for Nick because that's how awesome I am. And my friend Stephanie came over to watch a movie. I showed her some of the movies I had recorded, hoping she picked one of the two animated children's movies I had, but she picked Mama instead. So then I had nightmares all night. Don't watch that movie. It's weird and scary and slightly stupid.

Yesterday was just a normal all day work/class day for me. Except last night was the first snow! And when I was laying in bed unable to sleep I decided to get on social media, the norm. When I saw someone had posted a first snow picture I immediately jumped out of bed to go downstairs and look out the window. I couldn't see anything. Then when I was crawling back into bed, Nick asked what I was doing and just laughed at me when I told him. He also informed me there was a window right next to our bed. Oops. I still didn't see anything when I looked out that window. However, walking in to work this morning, there was still snow on the leaves so obviously I had to Instagram that!

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