Friday, November 15, 2013

Glittered Ornaments

Yes, I am posting twice in one day. Even better than that, I'm posting twice in like 10 minutes. But that's because I'm so excited for the Christmas things I made last night that I couldn't wait another day to post these how-tos. This one is my favorite and I am so excited I figured out how to do these. The glittered ornaments are a perfect and easy idea to decorate your tree with. Yesterday I went to Michaels to just get some plain plastic ornaments that I could paint but then I remembered all these neat glitter ornaments I was seeing all over Pinterest. When I searched how to do them the main thing they pointed out was that they were all using clear floor cleaner. And when I was searching how to do this it was like 10:30 at night. So obviously I didn't want to get out in the cold that late to go get clear floor cleaner. So I did what any normal crafting human being would do and I decided to just try what I had and hope it worked. And it did! Ps. sorry for the awful picture quality. I wasn't thinking to go grab my camera when I was making these because I was just way too excited that I figured out how to make them.

I just used this Mr. Clean floor cleaner and I feel like it worked just as well as the clear floor cleaner I was seeing on all the other websites.

I just poured a little in the ornament and swirled it around until I was sure I had coated the entire inside. The key is to swirl it though and not shake it because shaking it makes bubbles that you don't want.

Then I poured glitter in. I did this a little at a time and swirled it as well until I had coated the entire inside in glitter.

And then I painted the outside of two of them. And how cute are these!? Seriously. And it was super cheap because I had already had the glitter and paint from before. The floor cleaner was already sitting in my kitchen cabinet and the ornaments were 50% off at Michaels yesterday. I may be going back to get some more today just so I can continue this awesome glitter sesh. The best part? The glitter is on the inside so it's not getting everywhere which means Nick is way more likely to put these on the tree!
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Charlotte B said...

I hadn't seen this before love love love!
Got to go and try and get my hands on some clear baubles now :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million I was wondering if Mr. Clean would work...ur my shero

Annabel Krantz said...

These are fantabulous! I'm completely going to try a version of this on some old baubles that I have. Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Spencer said...

I made this over the weekend. They are so easy and cheap to make but look wonderful. You should mix some colors together. They look way cool.

Hayley said...

Does this work with plastic baubles?

This is SOOOOOOOO cute by the way, I can't wait to make them!