Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello Mrs. Carter

Saturday I went to Queen Bey's concert and she killed it! Seriously people, I know some of you may not like her to much because she has a huge ego (see what I did there) but really, she is amazing. And her concert was wonderful. And I obviously took super sucky quality videos on my phone because that's what I do at concerts. I have also decided my dream job would be to be a concert planner for a venue. How cool would that be?! I've never had an actual "dream job" and I'm pretty excited I have one now. If only I knew how to obtain this job....

Anyways, moving on. Beyonce had this opening act. And it was awkward and awful and embarrassing to say the least. His name was Luke James and you couldn't understand a word this man said. And then he sang a song titled something like "Make love to me" or "Make love to you" or something with make love in the title. And he decided it would be super sexy to rip off his white wifebeater and then shove his hands down his pants. I'm sure my face was beat red, but the lady sitting next to me thought it was amazingggg. This guy seriously must think he is God's gift to women. Gag.

Moving on, then Queen Bey came on stage. And she rocked the house, like always. And it was the day after her secret album dropped (which I think is amazing in itself). What was cool about her was that she didn't try to perform all these songs that people don't know. She performed all of her hits. And I mean all of them. And she danced the entire time. And did multiple costume changes.

Oh and someone around us decided to smoke pot the entire time. 3 and a half hours people. My stomach and head hurt so bad by the time it was over, it was ridiculous. But here are some videos from the concert. Enjoy!

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