Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spending time with family

I love my family. I am sure I have posted about them before. And the fact that they live all over the United States. And that we are all so close it's unbelievable. I know that if I call one of my cousins in Hawaii or Cali or Texas that they will be there to help me no matter what. So when some of my family from California decided to visit for Thanksgiving this year I was so stoked. And obviously, spending time with the family who lives in Illinois is always wonderful as well. We laughed, played games, and ate until our food babies were at about 8 months. And it was wonderful. Also, for some reason all of these pictures sent to my e-mail in a really crappy quality..so that sucks.

My uncle built a new, huge, garage over the past year. He calls it his barn. The following pictures are of a bathroom in it. He did all of this himself. Prettyyyy impressive.

The picture below is of Ethan's plate after about 2 hours. It may be because I fed him chocolate before dinner...

Sunday we had Aidens baptism. The party afterwards was set up so adorable, as always when it comes to my Aunt Cindy.

I wish the past week didn't end so quickly. I also wish I hadn't had to work as much as I had this past week. This past week was the first time I really did not like living on my own because I was 40 minutes away from all of the fun, which kind of sucked. But I am super thankful for the time I did get to see my family. I should have filmed the entire day of Thanksgiving so you could all see how much fun my family really is. We are a crazy, loud, awesome family and we get told all the time how much people wish they were a part of our family.

How was everyone else's Thanksgiving?
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