Thursday, December 12, 2013

Backstreet's Back .. and disappointing..

Hello. So Sunday night Nick and I went to the Y98 Mistletoe show. Let me just tell you, when my mom agreed to purchase these tickets I could NOT contain my excitement. I was going to get to see Avril, Gavin play the One Tree Hill song, Colbie just be awesome Colbie, and best of all The BACKSTREET BOYS. I was more than excited. This has been about 12 years in the making. When I was younger I got to see Britney and N'Sync, but not the BSB. Three of my friends had gone but never asked me so I was just a sad little teenybopper back then. And then finally, the day arrived that I was going to be able to live out my teenage dreams. Nick Carter was going to be right there in front of me in person.

So it went like this. We were running late so we missed Five for Fighting, who I don't even know, so that was okay with me. Then Colbie came on and she sang her hits, obviously since really the people only got to sing about five songs each because there was five of them. And she was great. Just like I expected.

Then it was Gavin's turn. He was AMAZING. Like one of the best performers I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot. He was all about getting the crowd involved. Literally. He walked out into the crowd, was climbing over people's chairs, walking around taking selfies. No joke, this guy probably gave the event staff a heart attack the entire time he was playing. It was wonderful. And he sang most of his hits and then the song with Colbie that they are nominated for a Grammy for. And then I thought he was done and I was sad because I just wanted to see the OTH song. But then, Gavin surprised us all. He started to sing Mirrors by JT, which was great, and then broke out into the OTH song and I was in Heaven. I never actually thought I would see that song live and the fact that I got to is one of the best moments in life. 

And then Gavin left and the lights came on. The screen said that the Backstreet Boys were next. I could NOT sit still. I was way too pumped. I think Nick was super pumped as well. I mean I couldn't really tell with him singing Larger than Life and whatnot while we were getting ready earlier that night. Anyways, they came out and started with this number.

Then they sang I want it that way. And then the worst thing ever happened. Three of them grabbed guitars, Kevin sat down with this box/drum thing, and Aj got some shaker things. And they played acoustic songs from their new album. Like four of them. I don't know any of those songs. I was so disappointed, along with the rest of the crowd who weren't standing or dancing along. Then they finished with Backstreet's Back (and my computer won't let me upload that video) and that was it. The teenage girl inside of me was crushed.

Thankfully, Avril was last and she got the crowd back into it and on their feet. She, obviously, sang all of her hits from Complicated to Sk8ter Boy, to Here's to Never Growing Up. I love her. Just so much. Nick was bored when she started singing. But I was glad I got to see her again. Yes, I said again. Because yes, I went to see her when she played with the JoBros. I only went to see her play and was forced to sit through their entire setlist because of my two younger sisters. It was awful.

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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Ugh I'd be disappointed too, but their CD's are still good and will never get old :)

Sonya said...

I would have been disappointed too. When I saw the Package Tour this year Boyz II Men and 98 degrees were awesome. New Kids weren't as impressive because they did more new stuff. They were much better on the tour with Backstreet Boys because they did pretty much all old stuff and that was awesome!