Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Finally Christmas Tree Time!

As most of you know, Nick and I recently moved into our first apartment together. So when the holidays rolled around (okay, let's be honest, as soon as Halloween was over) I decided it was time to decorate for Christmas. Nick on the other hand thought it needed to wait until after Thanksgiving. But nonetheless, we went Christmas tree shopping as soon as November hit. And I think we picked out a pretty good tree for our little place. Nick bought it thinking it was just a three piece tree. Ha! It turned out to be one of those ones that you put each branch on individually. It was a nice little bonding time for us, to say the least. And that's the way it stayed for a few days. Just a tree, no lights or ornaments on it. I also may have played with bubble wrap while Nick unboxed everything...

Then we got some lights on it. And then a few days later Nick sent me a picture of our tree with a star on top! And he had decorated our banister with lights too. I need to leave him home alone on Fridays more often ;-). Anyways, it stayed like that for a few days because I didn't have time to decorate it just yet. I slept next to the tree on Thanksgiving night because Nick was working over night and everyone talks about how peaceful it is to sleep next to the Christmas tree.

Then we finally had time to start putting ornaments on the tree. And the only ornaments we have are Nick's. He did buy some nice glittery ones, but most of them are either Bears, Cubs, Bulls or Blackhawks. The Cubs are the only ones that super bother me. I tried putting them all in the back, but Nick quickly noticed that and put an end to it... Nick also bought tinsel and decided that was his job... And I think he enjoyed it a little too much, the vacuum however, did not.

But now our tree is fully decorated and just waiting for me to put the wrapped presents under it! I'm so excited to have a tree and be able to be experiencing my first Christmas on my own with Nick. I can't wait to put Cardinals ornaments on it soon! :)

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