Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Diary..

Dear Diary,

It's been awhile since my face has been seen around here and for that I apologize. I just got so caught up in the holidays and being off from school for an entire month that I just neglected you and that was wrong. So I am here to fill you in on everything that has happened in my life in the last month. Actually, if we're being completely honest, I haven't been up to that much.

Right after classes were over I was just minding my own business and decided to pick up our mail on my way home. As I was driving away from our mailbox, I noticed I had left the key in the door with it hanging wide open. So I backed up in order to get said key. As I was backing up this happened...

Whatever. The next exciting thing to happen in the last month was that Nick and I ventured up to his parents for a week to celebrate Christmas. We went to at least five different Christmas's while up there. It was a whirlwind of a week to say the least.

While up there, we went to the horse track because those horses don't care how cold it is. They will run so that people can go bet their money away. Which I did not do. I sat and watched the Bears get killed that night. Anyways, this is how they run their horses up there...

Then on Christmas day I headed home to spend it with my family where I stuffed my face with more food than I should have (who am I kidding, that happened all break) and opened more presents.

Oh, and spent it with the cutest little children ever. I mean really, have you ever seen a cuter Santa?

Then it was New Years Eve, which was spent in a relaxing way just the way I like it. We went over to our friends house and just sat around and played games and talked until about 2 am. It was lovely not waking up with a hangover.

Oh and then it snowed. A lot. Like way more than it ever has. I'm not joking. Would you like to hear a story? I'll tell it to you anyways. Sunday it snowed like over a foot here. So Monday I obviously needed to go out in it to get some things from Wal-mart. As I was pulling out of my drive way I got stuck. Okay, no big deal I'll just try to get myself out. Nope not happening. Let me just point out to you that I was trying to shovel myself out with an ice scraper because we don't have a shovel. Anyways, after that didn't work my neighbor came out to help me. Nick was in the shower this whole time. After shoveling around my tires my neighbor told me to get in and try to drive. That would have worked had I not locked my keys in my running car that was stuck more than halfway out of my drive way in the road. So for 45 minutes I was stuck outside in the cold because I had locked my door on my way out and Nick couldn't hear me pounding on the door since he was upstairs. Oh and my phone was also locked in my car. So I called my father who was 40 minutes away because the police and the locksmith would not come unlock my car. In the meantime Nick finally answered the door to me balling because I was so mad at myself and I was freezing. After an hour and a half my dad finally made it to unlock my car. After unlocking it we noticed it had over heated and died. Cool. When popping the hood up, he also noticed that 343554532 things were broken or wrong with it. Also super cool. So we had to have a tow truck take it somewhere to be fixed. None of it was broken because I got stuck, it all just happened to happen at the same time.

This was the day before the nonsense happened.
Oh! And then on Thursday night I did the same thing! Yepp, locked my keys in my running, stuck in the road/driveway car. Thankfully we had a spare this time. And thankfully my so strong boyfriend was able to shovel/push my car out. I think I'm over the snow...

So diary, that is how my last month has gone. I am sorry I did not update you daily on all of these exciting adventures. However, between 6 classes and 2 jobs, I'm going to try and update at least once a week but we will see how that goes....
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